Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Indian Food in Dallas

It’s never too late to try a new cuisine and we should tip a turban to this couple who have decided to try Indian food. Hear her plea:

I recently convinced my husband to expand his food horizons. After living off cheeseburgers and chicken fried steak for 30 years, his new loves include sushi and Thai. He is now eager to try more ethnic foods, including Indian. Unfortunately I have never eaten Indian food and have no idea where to begin. Can you make any recommendations on where we should go and what we should order?

We have some recommendations.

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  1. I always enjoy the food at Clay Pit in Addison. Pricey, but I’ve never had anything I didn’t like. Avoid weekend lunch, though. The plated entrees are better than the buffet.

    You’ll definitely want to get a naan (or two), any of the biryanis are good, and I like the Dum Aloo Kashmiri a lot, but the sauce is kind of sweet, so be prepared. Chicken tikka masala is always a great, safe place to start. I know it’s actually British. I also know that I don’t care.

    Chameli in Richardson is also very good. They have a number of items but specialize in biryani.

  2. Pasand on Campbell at Coit in Richardson; it’s cheap and the clientele is always mostly Indian, so you know it’s got to be good. Chicken or vegetable tikka masala is the perfect beginner Indian dish. I also love their Chicken 65, Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer, Chicken Saag, Vegetable Curry, Masala Dosa, and Chicken Vindaloo. Oh, and their huge basket of naan is a winner.

  3. Definitely do dinner first. The buffet tends to dry out. Also, I wouldn’t order anything grilled in the tandoori– also dries out the food.

    That being said, the Taj Mahal on 75 and Walnut Hill is fabulous. It’s in a little strip mall and has delightfully cheesy decor. One of the best dishes for a newcomer is the Lamb Korma. A delicate coconut and almond dish, their sauce is divine. The Garlic Naan is colorful and arrives hot and delicious. I love their Tikka Masala too, and if you order it medium to spicy it really changes the flavors (and makes you feel not quite so guilty about ordering it).

  4. I like Ruchi Palace on Trinity Mills between Midway and Marsh. For “fast” food, Roti Grill on Park and Midway or Chaat Cafe at Frankford and Preston.

  5. Roti Grill is the most accessible to new-comers.

    Mumtaz in Richardson for fantastic buffett.

  6. Roti is definitely the most newcomer friendly… Try some lamb or chicken tikka masala with garlic naan.

  7. Masala Wok has the best Chicken Tikka Masala in town. Otherwise second Pasand buffet to get the lay of the land.

  8. Two different posters who go by “m” are posting in one thread. This is confusing. I’m going to have to change my name.

  9. Chettinad Palace in Plano for South Indian and India Palace in Dallas for North Indian

  10. Madras Pavilion on Coit and Belt Line is yummy. Very spicy, but yummy. I recently met a friend there who follows a kosher diet and this is one of her faves. It’s a buffet complete with soup and mango ice cream.

  11. India Grill at the Arlington Highlands. FANTASTIC. And a great Sunday buffet. Tikka masala is to die for!

  12. 1) Samar for the most innovative. The stuff on the Indian ‘pane’ of the tri-part menu you won’t find anywhere else in town. True to the flavors and techniques of India but inspired by an LSD trip (or something).

    2) India Palace for the safest introduction to the cuisine in nice surroundings with helpful staff.

    3) Chettinad for Chettinad cuisine

    4) Strange as it may seem, Cosmic Cafe on Oak Lawn. They offered samplings of their food at “After Dark…” at the Trammell Crow Museum of Asian Art last week. Despite being vegetarian they have things that would satisfy a meat lover (and vegetarians probably eat better from Indian food than from any other national cuisine). I ‘never’ go to veggie restaurants but I was impressed by the clarity of the flavor combinations in what they offered. Their modius operandi is to take western favorites (e.g. pizza, tacos, enchiladas, etc.) and do an Indian, and vegetarian, take on them. A bit like Samar, but on this part of Oak Lawn you might find it easy to find a hooker than a hookah.

  13. Kehbab and Kurry in Richardson. Lunch buffet is great so you can try everything. The owners also have a nice sit-down place at Beltline and Montfort called India West.

  14. It is sad that the Indian restaurants in Dallas are nowhere close to being authentic.If you want to try mundane, tasteless and bastardized Indian food, please proceed and visit the above mentioned restaurants.I wouldn’t recommend any Indian/Pakistani restaurant in the DFW area, I would recommend that you make friends with an Indian couple who have a live mother, and nonchalantly invite yourself over for dinner.

  15. As an Indian, I have to agree with Basil-make a friend. Alternatively, Samar is by far the best in town. Don’t expect lunch buffet staples. They might be Stephen Pyles’ interpretations of Indian dishes, but he did the leg work and actually went there so they are definitely Indian and ridiculously good.

  16. Recommendation from an Indian gal: You must try Maharajah on Spring creek just west of Coit. Akbar is closed and under new management. India Palace is pretty good. Everything else in town is either pricey or just mediocre or both. :)

  17. I think starting out with Roti Grill is a good idea. I know it’s not super authentic, but it’s a good gateway drug to more intimidating Indian Cuisine.
    The chicken biryani is fabulous, and it’s definitely an approachable dish.
    But I also like India Palace – the food is solid and the people are friendly.

    Good luck!

  18. Some Indian friends brought us out to Bombay Sizzler in Irving recently. Service was bad that night, but the food was very good.
    But unforch, Basil is pretty much correct, the Indian food in Dallas is pretty bad considering the size of the Indian population here.
    Another exception is Taj Chaat House in Irving. Above Indian friends have family who stop there after landing at DFW from India for their pani puri.

  19. She’s kidding, right? I’ve enjoyed Indian food in Richardson or Irving & wanta bet Arlington? I was speaker (replacing carol Keeton Strayhorn, remember her? Didn’t think so) at the national convention of Indian Lions Clubs & I was taken to Passand in Irving before & after. Basil may say there’s no ‘real’ Indian food but I know of lot of people from Mumbai & Delhi & they seem to believe what we’re eating is authentic.

  20. Is Vijay’s new place Sutra open yet? That’d probably be a decent bet. Where’s the scoop, Nancy?

  21. Masaharu yes vijay is opening his place soon at shops at legacy it is next to sumbuca 360. Even i am waiting to eat his cuisine.


  23. LOL… Now That’s authentic!

    “I would recommend that you make friends with an Indian couple who have a live mother, and nonchalantly invite yourself over for dinner.”

    I like the clay pit in addison.. have eaten there over 10 times, really good food, but i tend to commit curry suicide so i don’t go much.