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20 comments on “Cobb Switch Barbecue in Carrollton is Closed

  1. I never could figure out why the owners thought that was a good location. It was formerly a not-so-good barbecue restaurant in an Asian-oriented shopping center, the surrounding neighborhoods’ demographics were surely not what they would have targeted, and the traffic patterns along that segment of Old Denton are not very condusive to an impulse stop. You had to want to go there, and it seems that not very many people did.

  2. Maybe it has something to do with with the always negative restaurant reviews in the DMN. If a small business has a chance to succeed maybe the reviews can slant to whats good and not bad. But as we all know that doesn’t sell newspapers or online advertising. Maybe the transplanted reviewer can go back to the east coast, snuggle up with her friends again and bash good southern cuisine from afar.

  3. @Matt. Leslie Brenner’s review of Cobb Switch was spot on. A food critic’s job is not to support small businesses. It is to help customers know which businesses are worth their money. She did the city of Dallas a big favor by telling it like it was.

  4. Ugh, LB. I just got indigestion. Can we leave her off of this blog?

    Maybe you agree,
    It’s only worth a three
    But plainly one can see
    The move to mediocrity.

    No need to find a best
    When judging all the rest
    by the Californication test -
    A coastal move protest?

    “But three is really good,
    The star’s misunderstood!
    Dallas diners should
    Stop dining in their ‘hood.”

    “Cause D is not yet blessed
    “World class” by the rest.”
    (Never mind the guest
    Who considers yours the best).

    So maybe here’s the turn
    I know it must just burn
    But maybe we should learn
    To ignore opinions, unearned.

  5. Anyone else notice that the DMN blog has seemed to have fizzled out? Even when they do add something to their blog hardly anyone cares to comment.

  6. Cobb Switch was not good folks. If you thought otherwise, I doubt you have any idea what good, let alone great barbeque is….

    It may have had a pedigree, but they didn’t put it together. Probably due, in no small part, to the gas smoker they employed.

  7. Darnell is right. It wasn’t just Leslie that panned it. Nancy did, Dave Faries did, the Full Custom Barbeque boys did, EVERYONE did.

  8. For those of us who do actually live up this way and would make an impulse stop…this place was horrible. Horrible service, even worse food or not cooked food or food on the menu but not available for purchase. It just went downhill in a very short amount of time. We went about three times. Three strikes your out… so we never went back.

  9. I hate the eats blog now… and i am not sure if it is just the way it looks on my screen, but i can’t see if the articles have any comments or not until i click on story. Sometimes the number of comments makes me more likely to click on a story…i just don’t like that set up. I also think NN brings more interesting info and commentary, so i much prefer this blog.

  10. The eats blog now seems to be just a listing of who has what on sale, some stupid festival hundreds of miles from Dallas or stale, regurgitated news.

  11. This is not news, just timing. It had to happen, just now being reported. It was zero had no hope,no future and didn’t.

  12. LOL too bad it failed for the employees it employed who now need a new income, and i do feel sorry for that, but somewhere in a blog long ago, some one from Sidedish lavished on this place and the location was the ‘new culinary’ destination of DFW…LMAO

  13. @Marla, you couldn’t be more wrong. Why is it that only two of every ten reviews by LB are positive? The fact is she doesn’t support the city of Dallas or any of the suburbs. She has her own agenda and it certainly does not reflect the views of the general public. I did dine at Cobb Switch and although I wouldn’t rank it as the best it wasn’t the worst. I would reiterate that it’s important to support local businesses rather than render them mute before they have had a chance to grow and build a customer base.

  14. I really don’t understand the continued bashing of Leslie Brenner. Not only does she get it at her own website, but now she gets bashed here, in a story about a restaurant that failed. And it seems really personal, beyond just not agreeing with her reviews.

    Yes, it is important to support local, small businesses. In the case of Cobb Switch Barbecue, it got the press and attention it did because of the people involved (and their press agent). My guess is that without such high profile owners, an ordinary small restaurant would have received no notice at all unless/until it proved to be a “find” and got word of mouth promotion through customers. The investors had a huge leg up and blew it. The responsibility is theirs, alone.

  15. I agree with Beda that Cobb Switch got more attention, good or bad, than most similar restaurants would. But you gotta tread lightly with this whole “support local business” thing.

    “Support local business” is just a veiled “can’t say something nice, say nothing at all” argument. A critic’s responsibility is to be honest and fair, and personally I don’t think small, local businesses deserve any more leniency than large, national chains.

    There is no conspiracy, there is no axe to grind. LB dishes her opinion, and you can agree or not, but to declare it part of some orchestrated plan to destroy dining in Dallas just makes you a nut.

    (Agreed with the general sentiment that EATS seems to be dying on the vine. On my computer you can’t see the number of comments before opening the post – they’ve acknowledged this problem but the fix is still forthcoming. Also, the narrow comment space isn’t conducive to lengthy posts. And I don’t write any other kind.)

  16. Logan, thanks for the compliment. Funny how some blog posts get off topic. I don’t think any review of a restaurant can make or break it. When the owners of Cobb Switch decided to open in Carrollton, that shopping center has some good buzz going on. They hung on for a long time after LB’s review which means someone was going there. Attention comes from great food and service not one good or bad review.

  17. Seriously….it was big as a barn inside, dark, “checked out” staff, everything brought out from the day before, zero attention to detail, in a horrible location…..we were bummed we wasted the time and a lunch by driving all the way over there for such a disappointment. The review was generous in my opinion….my review would have been “pass on this place”. I’ve had way better Texas BBQ in Beijing!