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Dallas Has Too Many Restaurants Named Perry’s

If our governor opens a restaurant in Dallas, he'd better call it Rick's.

Long before there was Houston-based Perry’s Steakhouse and Grill opened in Dallas, there was Perry’s Steakhouse. Now the two Perry’s are operating in Uptown about two blocks apart. You’d think Dallas diners would be smart enough to figure out which is which but apparently we aren’t. I’ve had several e-mails fro co-workers and readers who made a date or appointment at one, only to have their date or meeting mates appear at the other.

I feel bad for the original Perry’s. After nine years, they had to change their name to The Place at Perry’s because Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille owned the name Perry’s. On the other hand, the new name gave the Dallas-based Place at Perry’s a chance to rework their concept from an upscale steak shop to a more casual beef-centric spot (they only use Niman Ranch meat). The Place at Perry’s now offers half-price wine every day from 2 to 7 pm and live music.

Perry’s Steakhouse and Grill also has live music in their super-chic bar. The dining room is dark and sophisticated. They feature table side productions—salads, meat carvings, and desserts are brought out on trays and flamed or tossed while you watch. I’m sorry but these little shows are just that—the guy making the salad or dessert has tiny plastic cups like the ones you take pills from in the hospital with pre-measured ingredients. He tosses them around like he’s on the Food Network.

Anywhoo, in the current issue of D Magazine, I exam both Perry’s, or rather Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille and The Place at Perry’s. Which Perry’s do you prefer?

13 comments on “Dallas Has Too Many Restaurants Named Perry’s

  1. I think both Perry’s restaurants are fabulous; however, I personally prefer The Place at Perry’s. This was a wonderfully executed meal from start to finish! It was worth every penny!

  2. I love the Place at Perry’s not only for their food and service, but because they were the 1st Perry’s here. I am loyal like that. :)

  3. I have dined at both and prefer Perry’s Steakhouse over the place. Yummy food and it is so beautiful. “The Place” better step up their game….Good Work Perry’s Steakhouse…welcome to the neighborhood.

  4. Perry’ Steakhouse and Grill on McKinney; Run don’t Walk. The best RW menu I have ever seen; salad choices, wedge or traditional caesar; two entree choices, the 8 ounce Perry’s Filet, or the Signature Pork Chop w/ribs (7 fingers thick); with a dessert trio. All for $35.
    My wife had the filet, and I had the pork chop (carved table side); and we had more to bring home for dinner tonight. Joel was our server, very knowledgable and attentive, the General Manager, Howard came by, and the restaurant was well attended, every table taken on Thursday night.
    The food and service is unmatched.
    Do not miss this; it will restore your faith in RW

  5. My old office in Houston was across the street from Perry’s steakhouse. I’d go once a month for half-price pork chop lunch day. Best I’ve ever had.

  6. I LOVE The Place at Perry’s.

    The Niman Ranch filet is my favorite filet in Dallas, and the brunch is beyond delicious. Fresh corn bread and chicken and waffles? need I say more?

    My only beef with The Place was their uninteresting wine list, and that seems to be changing. In fact, I think they even have wine tastings with the sommeliers on Friday night now to test out their new wines.

  7. The Place at Perry’s for their “slider saturday.” Original, affordable, delicious.

  8. The Place at Perry’s…The GM Larry Thompson KNOWS how to take care of his guests…exceptional…

  9. Vie, let’s see if Perry’s is still around in nine years. They can’t hold a candle to the customer service at The Place.