2010 KRLD Restaurant Week Reader Reviews

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UPDATE:  Hibiscus, Perry’s Steakhouse and Grill

5 comments on “2010 KRLD Restaurant Week Reader Reviews

  1. This was my first time participating in the whole Restaurant Week thing, and after reading all the horror stories from everyone else I was kinda reluctant. BUT…..

    Last night I had dinner with a girlfriend of mine at Hibiscus. This was our first time dining there and we were beyond impressed.

    We were greeted very kindly by the valet and hostesses, and quickly ushered to our table toward the back of the restaurant. (It is much bigger than it looks from the outside)

    For the first course we enjoyed the crab dip. OH MY GOD!! It was so incredibly delicious I wanted to lick the plate! I’d recommend it even to those who think they do not like crab!! They will after this!
    I then had the prime beef tenderloin which was cooked perfectly and the mac and cheese!
    I had heard about the crab dip and mac from friends, and was so happy to see that they were on the Restaurant Week menu!!
    Ice Box Pie finished off the meal. Unfortunately, by this point we were so full we couldn’t finish it!….we would have if we could!!

    The service and ambiance were wonderful. They were extremely busy because there was some sort of special party in the back room, and the overall feeling was warm, exciting, and energetic. Candace, our server, was great! She was very attentive and made us feel like we were the most important people in there!

    For those people out there who are having horrible Restaurant Week experiences I say this…GO TO HIBISCUS! The amount of food, the quality, and the hospitality will impress!

    Can’t wait to go back again!

  2. Looks like quite a few restaurants took notice of what has been lacking in past years. Most reviews have been very positive so far…..
    Great to see…..

  3. Perry’ Steakhouse and Grill on McKinney; Run don’t Walk. The best RW menu I have ever seen; salad choices, wedge or traditional caesar; two entree choices, the 8 ounce Perry’s Filet, or the Signature Pork Chop w/ribs (7 fingers thick); with a dessert trio. All for $35.
    My wife had the filet, and I had the pork chop (carved table side); and we had more to bring home for dinner tonight. Joel was our server, very knowledgable and attentive, the General Manager, Howard came by, and the restaurant was well attended, every table taken on Thursday night.
    Do not miss this; it will restore your faith in RW

  4. We went to Mario’s Sabinos on Lemmon. It was really good. Drinks were cheap and the waitress was helpful explaining the menu. I had a Saladorian tamale, it was in a huge banana leaf and was great, filling. Had the fajitas, and asked for the medium rare which came correct… I like not having to send back food… I give this place 8 out of 10.. will return for lunch soon

  5. The wife and I went to Canary by Gorji (formerly Canary Cafe) last Friday night for the RW menu with the 4th course. Started with the 4th course, escargot pomodoro. The wife didn’t like it — snails were too earthy for her taste — but I loved it. Great pomodoro sauce, tender mushrooms, very good. Second course, I had the scallops, which were PERFECT. Fresh, perfectly cooked, amazing gazpacho salad. Can’t imagine how anyone can possibly dice tomatoes that finely. Wife had the feta plate which was super smooth and buttery. She had the cutlet for her main entree and it was very tasty, I had the lamb and quail. I would have it again but both probably cooked a minute too long, maybe more for the quail. Still very tasty.

    Dessert was spectacular chocolate cake for both of us. We love this restaurant, it’s probably our favorite romantic small spot in town, and the chef is always very present and super-friendly.