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Dimples Cupcakes To Open Tomorrow at One Arts Plaza

Since the PR firm that Dimples hired has had absolutely no interest in keeping me updated on the problematic opening of the cupcake shop’s One Arts Plaza location, I had to resort to Facebook stalking. And here it is, the moment is upon us, according to FB: the permit has been granted and the doors will be flung wide on Friday at 4 p.m. There will be free cupcakes and free cocktails, so you can start your weekend off in a sugar coma. (Also the company reports that construction will begin next week on a Dimples store in West Plano. Isn’t that just the icing on the cake?)

9 comments on “Dimples Cupcakes To Open Tomorrow at One Arts Plaza

  1. I just adore Dimples cupcakes, but their PR leaves something to be desired. I even joined their VIP text-club thinking they would send updates and specials that way, but no luck. I hope they make it, their cupcakes are delish.

  2. I did find out after posting this that the PR firm I thought was representing them is most definitely not. It’s a bit tangled up with One Arts. I apologize for my confusion. Dimples does not have a professional firm doing its PR.

  3. Maybe one of the most horrible retail locations for this type of business. I give them to the end of the year.

  4. I think Dimples has a great product and I really like their cupcakes, but their communication and PR is sorely lacking. When they were tweeting their locations you would receive 6 tweets in an hour, some of which were unprofessional and unrelated. I hope they can get their PR under control and shape up. It would be nice to see them succeed at One Arts so you could grab a cupcake after the show.

  5. I thought the cupcake trend was over and it was now overpriced frozen yogurt from the 80s. One Arts Plaza? WTF? Death by location and concept.

  6. Personally, I think in the long run, (or, short run in this case) they will be disappointed with the One Arts Plaza location.

  7. As a now former but still recent neighbor to the Frisco location I struggle to find a single reason for anyone to spend money at Dimples. From the generic Sysco ingredients (throw your trash away guys) to their overpriced $4 cupcakes you would think that would be enough. Spend some time talking with people who have come in contact with their owners and it amazes me this place continues to stay in business. Just goes to show that the trendy food of the moment can cause people to buy anything from anybody. One Arts Plaza should be hoping for something other than an overpriced, could be baked at home cupcake shop.