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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Fantasy Football Food

This in from a Disher who prefers finer foods with his football.

I’ve been looking for somewhere for our 10-12 person group to do our fantasy football draft that isn’t a chicken wing place or the like. I’d really like somewhere with better food, but Chowhound and google haven’t been much help. Most of the chain sports bars will offer deals with a group where they make sure you have a big table, WiFi access, good views of a couple TVs and usually some discounted food/beer for your draft.  I’ve tried to find somewhere local with better food, but haven’t really found much that isn’t just a big chains. Needs to be on a Sunday afternoon/evening this weekend or next.  I think we’d have about 10 guys, give or take 2 either way depending on schedules.

Down, set, hut…

31 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Fantasy Football Food

  1. Christie’s has great food and the staff seems like it would be willing to work with you. Also, Frankie’s has a great side table/ booth area you can reserve. But they do have a mim you must meet with your food and beverage order. (which we have never found hard to do.)

    Not sure about the WIFI at either place.

    There is also a new place that just opened on Bryan St. which was profiled on Urban Daddy and what about this place?

  2. My husband has done Fantasy Football drafts at Humperdinks. They seemed to enjoy it there…

  3. Frankie’s would work for this sort of event. They’re used to accomodating big groups and they’ll give you a private area. The sheer number of TV’s means you won’t miss a thing no matter which direction you turn and they have wifi.

    Food is just BARELY a notch above pub grub, and it’s worth noting they have a draft selection that is better than most sports bars that strictly have BMC domestic product. Last time I was there I had Stone IPA and recall at least one TX non-Spoetzl craft brew (unsure if it was St. Arnold or Real Ale).

  4. Holy Grail in Plano has above average food (no wings last check) plus plenty of tv’s, great beer selection and wifi. They would accomodate you dudes well.

  5. I was going to post Franchise Grill as well… Walls are plastered with TVs and u can even get the speakers to put on ur table and tune to different screens… Food is certainly a step above the normal bar scene… They have always been very accommodating.

  6. From the Facebook page of Big Racks BBQ in Grapevine:

    “Host your fantasy football draft at Big Racks BBQ. We offer Free Wi-Fi! Football season is right around the corner.”

    They have pretty good BBQ and cold beer…and girls with big racks. They’re also the only joint in town with the bacon explosion on their menu.

  7. These “help me find a place to eat _____ ” are starting to get a little absurd…..

    Nancy, will you help me find a national chain restaurant that specializes in serving lousy quarter pound burgers and really good french fries, if they have a clown as a mascot that would be a bonus? Thanks in advance…

  8. I second Hully & Mo’s. There’s the back bar room with a lot of tvs and it’s not bar food. It’s a sports place. I’m sure they could do something for you.

  9. I think you should call Lee at Fuqua winery and set it up to have it there. You can have Campania Pizza delivered and drink some of his yummy Texas made reds.

  10. Sorry Nance, I’ll try to keep my tongue in cheek criticisms above board in the future, you know, incinuations about Leslie Brenner’s waistline and whatnot…

  11. We’ve done ours at Frankie’s in the past. I’d second the notion that it’s marginally better than your standard pub food (what group of guys doesn’t like pub food, by the way?). Come to think of it, they do have a pretty big menu for a bar.

    Good WiFi connections too. And on a Sunday, you shouldn’t have concerns of it being too crowded…

  12. So I won’t be considered a total stick in the mud I will offer up Addison Point and Stadium Cafe as places who makes a totally decent burger/sandwiches and have wifi…

  13. I really can’t figure out what anonymous has against Buffalo Wild Wings, they’re food is as good as any of the sports bars named in the comments above (Frankie’s and Christie’s are terrible!) not to mention where else do you get waited on like a king? this year they’re not only providing draft boards, player stickers, a Championship banner, ten coozies and ten $10 gift certificates ALL FOR FREE!!! of course there’s ample power outlets and free wifi so… what’s the big deal?

  14. wow a fantasy football draft at a winery. lol.

    holy grail could be a good suggestion although it might be a bit small for a draft. maybe trinity hall?

  15. luinz: I did think of Holy Grail especially for the food part, but was hesitant as it’d be a little cramped if you have that crowd of people plus laptops.

    Trinity Hall would be all right too, but not as many TV’s (unsure of how it’d be at the Allen location). Now that I think about it, The Londoner has a decent sized area for setting up a draft as well.

  16. Lakewood’s 1st & 10 (recently named best sports bar in dallas by D-Magazine) has a semi private area in the back of the restaurant, wifi, a TV you can hook your laptop into via HDMI for your draft board, and we have very good food. we did about 20 or so drafts last year and are starting to fill up the calendar for this season.

  17. Thanks to those who mentioned THE FRANCHISE Grill & Bar. We host quite a few fantasy drafts. Our food is definitely above-average for the type of venue, and as mentioned we have 26 flat-screens and a wireless speaker system to provide sound at your table for the game(s)/event(s) you are watching. If you use a computer-based draft board, we can pipe that output from your laptop into our video distribution system and show that on as many TV’s as you need. Free Wifi, and we offer 10% off (including alcohol) for draft parties.