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CuriousDish: Sexy Restaurants and Sexy Food in Dallas

Let forget about Restaurant Week for a few minutes. For once the masses have cleared, I head back to my favorite, small, intimate venues.  I look for spaces with hushed tones, unobtrusive service and memorable food that isn’t so heavy that the valet has to wheel you out.  (Tramontana in Preston Center and Sardines in Fort Worth spring to mind.)  Nero’s (R.I.P.) was a great, relatively inexpensive setting that had a lot of sex appeal.

While some big-name restaurants hire expensive teams of designers to create a sexy setting, other restaurants achieve sexiness by default–perhaps they’ve been open for a long time and the sexiness comes from familiarity. Maybe it’s  the lighting or the color of a wall. Whatever it is, let’s try to put into words what makes a restaurant sexy.

So, Dishers, what elements of a restaurant make it a sexy? What are the sexiest restaurants in Dallas and Fort Worth?

9 comments on “CuriousDish: Sexy Restaurants and Sexy Food in Dallas

  1. Ahhh Nero’s…I loved that place. I’m not sure if it was sex appeal or that it kind of reminded me of the place Michael Corleone capped Sollozzo & McCluskey. Of course, Pacino was awfully sexy as Corleone, so…

  2. Hattie’s in Bishop Arts.
    The lovely ambiance changes depending on the light. At night, it’s warm and romantic serving Dallas’ best food. During the day, it’s friendly and down home charm serving up the buttermilk fried chicken. I’ve had a lot of first dates their that luckily turned into second dates.
    Hattie’s is simply the best.

  3. there’s no such thing and the idea that a restaurant is “sexy” is moderately creepy.

  4. what makes a restaurant sexy? all the same things that make a human sexy.

    a restaurant that TRIES to be sexy almost always fails. but restaurants that are naturally alluring, intimate, passionate and exotic can be sexy.

    tapas restaurants can be sexy. sharing food with exotic flavors. japanese too. sushi is sensual, its essentially the “naked” food isn’t it?

  5. I can’t name a specific place since I haven’t been on a date in looooong time, but from what I recall, lighting is the key for me.

  6. Sitting by the fire at Tucker (RIP to the restaurant service) on a cold night was good for me. It was the best patio in Dallas as well.

    I miss you Tucker.