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Cupcake Happy Hour at Aston’s

Maybe cupcakes have jumped the shark, especially when they start making reality shows about them. (Yes, I’m talking about Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Yawn.) But, hey, when done right, they’re still tasty. And for a $1? Why the heck not? This week, Aston’s Bakery is hosting a week-long cupcake happy hour Tuesday-Friday 4-6pm. Red velvet, chocolate, carrot, Texas pecan — all the usual suspects. Go get your frosting fix.

2 comments on “Cupcake Happy Hour at Aston’s

  1. Me! Astons is our favorite family birthday cake place, I don’t know how Mary does it but she bakes the best cakes in the world. We just polished off my birthday cake so now, cupcakes!