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Update: Good 2 Go Tacos is Moving

Last Friday, Tim Rogers posted a mini-review on Good 2 Go Taco. Today, Teresa reports they are leaving the Green Spot and moving to a larger space. Go, girls.

5 comments on “Update: Good 2 Go Tacos is Moving

  1. I have to tell you, I think that’s a bad move. Let’s face it, these are yuppy tacos. They use words like sustainable meat and local produce, etc. And they cost like $4 each.

    The good news – I’m a yuppy who likes their tacos. But I also understood why their marriage with the Green Spot and a location full of cycling, running, and farmer’s marketing yuppies made them successful (plus, there is something super charming about tacos and gas stations).

    I wish the girls all the best in the new location, but I’m not so sure they’ll get the same love they currently do from the farmer’s market days and the casual customer (the one getting gas or meeting up with friends post jog, etc.) once they’re in their own dedicated space.

    That Food Network glitter wears off after a while, I just hope that they can get the new location running at full steam before it does.

  2. Definitely not a bad move. Their new location isn’t any better or worse with respect to running and cycling. And yes, they’re $4 tacos, but they’re a respectable size, the meat is plentiful, and they use quality ingredients. I never understood paying top dollar for those crappy Urban Taco tacos but I have zero problem handing over $4 for G2G. I think they’ll thrive.

  3. The new location isn’t far from the old one. So, I think their hard core fans won’t have any problem with this new location. The strip mall they’re moving into definitely needs a kick up. Hopefully, they’ll raise the bar a little on that corner. I have a feeling I’ll be eating a lot more breakfast tacos once they open at that new spot. I drive by it every day on the way to work.

  4. I agree with Brad in my apprehension of the move. I totally want them to succeed, and even though the new location isn’t that far from the old, I think you *can absolutely* say it’s worse from a jogging/cycling standpoint. No one headed to or from White Rock Lake would ever happen into that part of the neighborhood.

    If nothing else, hopefully this would mean extended hours, possibly into the evening, which could make up in business what the location may take away.

    Either way, as mentioned before the hard core fans will still make the trek, which means they’ll still get my business as much as possible.