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Monday Morning Foodie Fun: What Kind of Nut Are You

I am a walnut, goo goo g’joob.

Take this short test and tell us what kind of nut you are or if you are a nut at all. A short background:

The original study, commissioned by Fisher Nuts, asked more than 1,000 men and women to select their favorite nut and complete a battery of personality tests. Once the results were correlated, the study found that everyone fell into one of five distinct personality types

The five personality profiles are detailed below. (I could think of my own five, but we’ll play with their rules for now.) Hit it.

•Salted Peanuts:  dramatic extroverts who crave novelty and thrive as the center of attention.  They are easily bored with the usual routine, and while charming in social situations, are sensitive to criticism and rejection. These are people to take to a party. They probably love roller coasters and karaoke.

• Almonds:  scrupulous, conscientious, moral perfectionists who have high standards for themselves and others.  While intensely motivated, they tend to become over-committed at work or home, taking on more projects than they can comfortably complete.  Hands-on approach to problems makes almond-lovers ideal workers.

• Pecans:  devoted, loyal, true friends.  Overly generous, pecan lovers will consider others’ needs before their own.  Dependable, they are most comfortable with the usual routines of life.  They are tenacious, committed team players who don’t require adulation, and are satisfied sharing accolades with their friends, family or co-workers.

• Cashews:  empathic, easy-going, and well adjusted.   Cashew lovers make the perfect spouse or parent. Calm and level-headed, they can be depended upon in times of crisis or emergency. A cashew is a good person to have around when the plumbing goes awry or the lights go out. A cashew just knows what to do.

• Walnuts:  aggressive, achievement-oriented, natural leaders.  Competitive, successful, driven, intolerant of defeat.  Walnut lovers demand the best at work and at home.  They are easily irritated with the routine side of life. They cannot tolerate life’s inconveniences such as being stuck in rush hour traffic or waiting in long lines.


5 comments on “Monday Morning Foodie Fun: What Kind of Nut Are You

  1. FYI…a peanut (salted or otherwise) is not a “nut”. It is a legume. I have a close friend who is deathly allergic to nuts, but she eats peanuts by the handful. It is a fact lost on most…kinda like a tomato technically being a fruit and not a vegetable.

  2. well technically a tomato is a fruit and a vegetable. legally, well that’s another story.

    anyway I eat about a pound of almonds a week which seems to work based on your little quiz..

  3. @FortWorthGuy. Don’t be a prig. Under the botanical definition of a nut (a hard, indehiscent, one-seeded pericarp resulting from a compound ovary), hardly any of what we call nuts would qualify. Almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, hickory nuts, and macadamia nuts are all from the seeds of drupes, so they’re not nuts. Brazil and pine nuts are seeds with hard seed coats. Cashews are seeds, not nuts. About the only true nuts that we eat are chestnuts, hazelnuts, and acorns.