DRG Concepts Culinary Director Chef John Tesar to Appear on Nick Stellino Cooking with Friends

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Giving viewers all around the US an energized update and fresh recipes on the innovative and fine current culinary work in Dallas and in Texas, Chef John Tesar is a featured chef on Nick Stellino’s popular Public Television program Cooking with Friends this fall.

Chef Tesar will tape the show on August 17 at Chef Stellino’s studio in Los Angeles.  The show will air on a date to be announced as Chef Stellino celebrates 15 years of his program.

“It is my great pleasure to be cooking with my buddy and talented chef Nick Stellino. This is the 15th anniversary of his show and spending time with Nick is always memorable and fun,” said Chef Tesar.  “I will be preparing a steak dish with beef from my family’s ranch as a central ingredient.  The dish is Lime and Curry Marinated Ribeye Steaks, with cucumber and honeydew melon chutney and spiced basmati rice.”

Chef Tesar is leading corporate culinary direction for DRG Concepts’ acclaimed Dallas Chop House, Dallas Fish Market and Go Fish Ocean Club concepts in Texas.  Tesar is also creating with DRG Concepts owner/founder Mike Hoque and DRG Concepts’ Corporate Chef A .J. Joglekar three more innovative culinary destinations in Downtown Dallas, building on the city’s successful rebirth of Main Street, also led by DRG Concepts’ progressive development.

Chef Tesar is a national spokesperson on the Culinary Council for childhood hunger prevention charity Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation fundraisers and serves on the Taste of the Nation Culinary Council with internationally acclaimed colleagues Master Mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim, Chef David Burke, Chef RJ Cooper, Chef Michael Komick and Chef Mindy Segal.  He is also helping Share Our Strength’s director Billy Shore on his vital work with Mrs. Obama on Lets Move!  and Chefs Move to Schools campaigns to prevent childhood obesity in America.

Classically trained in the French tradition at Paris’ La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine, Tesar has won acclaim from critics in cities across the United States for his innovation.  Tesar’s stellar career has given him the leadership of the kitchens of many critically-acclaimed restaurants, such as Hampton Square, Arizona 206, Supper Club, Inn at Quogue, 13 Barrow Street, 44 & X Hell’s Kitchen, Tahoe Mountain Club and RM seafood NYC.   He has served as personal chef for international celebrities.

John Tesar came to North Texas from his role as executive chef at Rick Moonen’s rm restaurant at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino to lead The Mansion on Turtle Creek’s culinary team, and kept the international luxury destination’s five-star status for three years, following the departure of the legendary Dean Fearing.

Chef Tesar has cooked at James Beard House six times.

Programs on the beloved long-standing traditional mass-media US formats of Public Broadcasting continue to entertain and guide fans and culinary viewers in fresh and innovative ways, with an expert understanding of quality to ensure that the viewer gets culinary information they need to see the world of cooking in beautiful ways and succeed with their families’ and friends’ enjoyment of food at the table.  This is the format where the iconic Julia Child opened everyone up to the delights of the great French culinary world, paving the way for chefs everywhere to broadcast their artistry and reach their audiences.

Younger kitchen culinary demonstration viewers of today, who didn’t grow up with this tradition and likely connected more in their own youth solely with the products of Disney and other programming, are often unaware  of this as they tap into the popularity of chef shows to improve their own quality of everyday living.  Educational and therapeutic work is being done in the food industry as thought-leadership works to tackle and heal the problems created as consumers have endured and complied with large-scale production in America.  As ways that audiences connect with and are entertained by chefs change, the need for the stability and dependabiity of real day-to-day information that applies to life beyond the tv screen requires continual focus and action, too.  Big things are going on in the food industry, in somewhat quiet ways seen more on menus, and as national initiatives like Chefs Move to Schools started in the Obama Administration prove.  Programs on Public Television, cable and network formats are getting everyone focused every day on what they are consuming, are empowering consumers to understand the importance of good food to family life and health, and to enjoy and appreciate wonderful food at restaurants and at every meal at their own tables.

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  1. Seems only at D mag, the tombstone and the knife do you guys have an axe to grind or you just find him interesting and he helps create controversy and generate readers ? Seems bizarre time after time, by now you must have an explanation?

  2. People (or PERSON), I use that picture every time I copy and paste a press release. It has nothing to do with John Tesar or the subject of any press release. Louis, please write complete sentences. “time after time” please give me examples. I don’t hate John Tesar. Now, get a life.

  3. Tesar wants to be hated. It’s the only way he feels relevant. He was bummed he had no “haters” on his Observer story.

  4. “I will be preparing a steak dish with beef from my family’s ranch as a central ingredient.”

    Could have sworn he grew up in Manhattan and the Hampton’s. I’m just sayin’….

  5. Used to work around Mr Tesar. I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t stirring up his own shit under fake names.

  6. Rathbun is doing the Nick Stellino show too, apparently. More interested in him – hope he uses his Elements products in the show.

  7. Maybe Tesar can bring some of his leftover branded ketchup and wasabi mustard with him. Unlike his restaurant, they still haven’t reached their expiration date.