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Making Dallas Even Better

Texas Sommelier Conference Report: Unique Blind Tasting of Wine Flaws Without the Wine

This morning at TexSom I didn’t drink a drop of wine but I tasted plenty of major wine flaws. At the same time, I also discovered another useful purpose for vodka. But I didn’t drink that either. Lest you think I’ve been dipping into something stronger, I’ll enlighten you: My nose got a major workout […]

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Restaurant Review: Brunch at J. Black’s Feelgood Lounge in Dallas

After two local email newsletters featured J. Black’s Feelgood Lounge in the same week, I had two friends ask me to go. One was seduced by the idea of the Bloody Mary bar; the other by the words “brunch” and “Austin” together in a sentence. I based my decision on the online menu, which looked […]

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DRG Concepts Culinary Director Chef John Tesar to Appear on Nick Stellino Cooking with Friends

From the copy and paste press release department: Giving viewers all around the US an energized update and fresh recipes on the innovative and fine current culinary work in Dallas and in Texas, Chef John Tesar is a featured chef on Nick Stellino’s popular Public Television program Cooking with Friends this fall. Chef Tesar will […]

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Special Report: Texas Sommelier Conference in Las Colinas

Last year, TexSom organizers  Drew Hendricks and James Tidwell whooped it up at TexSom in  Las Colinas. Yesterday, they did it again. Andrew Chalk spent all day Sunday at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Las Colinas, Texas. No he wasn’t lounging by the pool, he was hunkered down in a conference room along […]

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