5 comments on “West Village Farmers Market Canceled

  1. Good call, no one wants to buy produce that’s been sitting in the blazing heat for 4 hours!

  2. The Frisco Farmers Market at Friso Square will be up and running from 8am to 1pm – or sell out. We have another 12 weeks of our season. We offer the freshest in vegetables, fruits, breads, pasta, beef, chicken, lamb, pork, eggs, honey, gourmet sauces and spices, and a whole host of craft artists. Sorry about West Village – but Come on Down to Frisco Farmers Market in Frisco – located in front of City Hall.

  3. Every produce vendor I’ve seen at markets has a tent cover over the produce, with the exception of watermelons. Vendors know they won’t make any money if they sell puny produce. They need to feed their kids, too. You know it grows in the blazing sun, right?

    The heat is really more about the people. Vendors can have a hard time in the heat for several hours and have to take down at the heat of the day. Customers also aren’t as keen to come out when it feels like it’s 110. But they should if they can. Markets can’t stay open if people don’t come and actually buy something. If you want the market around, stop by as often as you can and support the local vendors.

  4. The Celebration Market on Lovers Lane will be up and running. Last week I bought the most delicious corn and tomatoes and Israeli melons of the year there, plus shelled peas and zucchini. It is my favorite market. I go there to man our booth every weekend I am in town … and when I am out of town we are still there! It’s not about heat. It’s about buying local, fresh and wonderful products. It’s about community and seeing my friends who shop there. And it’s about the great egg lady from Kauffman who is always next to me! Her eggs are fabulous and never more than two days old.