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Former Fearing’s Manager Justin Beam Joins Twomey Concepts in Dallas

Justin "The Beamster" Beam.

Brian Twomey is on fire. His company, Twomey Concepts, LLC, revitalized Loft 610 in Plano by hiring chef Trey Wilcox. Since then he has opened The Common Table in the old Lola space and is in the process of building out the Marquee Club Restaurant & Bar in Highland Park Village. Twomey Concepts is also in charge of refurbishing the Village Theater in HPV.

Yesterday, Twomey announced the addition of Justin Beam to his mini-empire. Justin has worked every position in a restaurant–he started as a busboy and ended up a popular bartender, excuse me, mixologist. He jumped in front of the bar to become the Beverage Director at MCrowd, then on to NYC to do the same at Craft Steak. He returned to open Craft Dallas. In 2007, he helped Dean Fearing get Fearing’s up and running and has been the manager there for the last three years.

Beam’s new position is unclear. The press release says he “has joined the restaurant development company’s Operations group… Justin began work two weeks ago focusing on LOFT 610 – Midtown Crossing (Nebraska) that opened in May and The Common Table restaurant that opened in Uptown in June. He will be executing the Twomey Concepts approach to operations that will deliver a consistently excellent customer experience.”

So, now you know.

9 comments on “Former Fearing’s Manager Justin Beam Joins Twomey Concepts in Dallas

  1. Mario forget the review I hear it’s a 90/10 ratio women to men.
    Just brown bag it and hang at the bar……

  2. @Mario: Amen to that. I’ve never seen such uniformly scorching reviews for a high-profile place.

  3. I was about to go to the Common Table but all of the bad reviews concerning the food, service, noise level, etc. changed my mind.

  4. There is a lot of industry people that hang out at Common Table since they are open later than most. I like the place, never had a bad meal there and will continue to go there. I have no clue why anyone would listen to a Brenner about a place like this. She is obviously out of her element.

    I cook for a living and love the place.

    Shoo, Brenner, shoo. Not needed.

  5. I heard there was a break up with Landmark. So what does Twomey know about running a movie theater? Anyone?