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Mico Rodriguez’s Pinky-Chan: No Go in West Village

Pinky-chan is an Omoigawazakura and appears everywhere in Oyama.

Remember the young gal at Foodie Couture who wrote this account of her business relationship with Mico Rodriguez along with details of Mico’s plan for a restaurant called Pinky Chan? She was so happy to be working with her mentor.

Then last night, a teary post titled “Pinky Chan: A figment of the imagination” went up on their site.

“I’ve been living and breathing Pinky for two months and seeing this character and restaurant concept come to life was simply.. AMAZING!  From meeting with the fashion and interior designers to demolition it was becoming a reality. But it came to a screeching halt when issues with investors could not be resolved.”

Welcome to the big show, girls. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Investors cost a little more. Next.

  • wannakniow

    Isn’t Nancy dating that dood from Mi Cocina still? Guess this is a heavy handed post.

  • Darren

    No, this isn’t a heavy-handed post. It’s exactly what I was thinking 2 months ago when Foodie Couture first started ranting about this new venture with Mico.

  • Reality Check

    This has been a dead in the water issue for sometime. Guess Mico was stringing the broad along as far as he could in true Mico fashion.

    And yes Nichols is seeing a member of the M Crowd. Thats been no secret.

  • B

    Reality that is old news and she is not seeing him..

  • Nancy Nichols

    Reality Check, B is correct. Over last year. For the record, I have been eating at Mi Cocina since it first opened and have had a long-term professional relationship with Mico. Yes, he has struggled but I still believe he has been one of Dallas’ most influential restaurateurs. Not just for his restaurants–he created jobs and a sense of community for many people who moved here from Mexico to work for him.

  • Julia

    That girl is starstruck. She needs to get a handle. Sounds like she was taken advantage of. Did she get paid for her work?

  • LetsNotJudge

    Then why the harsh blogs about the guy, Nancy? He was mean to you wasn’t he? Is it too much to ask to leave the new girl alone?!

    I think Pinky Chan would have been a great addition to the West Village neighborhood. Hard not to admit that the man has created some brilliant concepts and most certainly embedded himself as a cornerstone of the Dallas restaurant industry. Just saying…

  • Yum

    Rumor has it there is another asian concept in the works for the old Tom Tom space in West Village.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Judge, find me a harsh blog post about Mico and I will answer you. Mico has never been mean to me. I just said I thought he was one of Dallas’ most influential restaurateurs.

  • RG

    What you all are missing is the other person involved here besides Mico. Uno is an amazing cook, great with people and had some very good ideas. She would have made this concept very successful. Can’t wait to see where she lands with her ideas.

  • Mario

    Uno is a card game, RG, not a restaurateur.