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2 comments on “The Curry Pot Opens in Plano

  1. I heard that they cheated MANNA INDIAN RESTAURANT. This is what i heard manna had some amount due to pay their rent.
    The chef who worked in Manna knew about it and he went behind and talked with the landlord and told them that they will take the restaurant if they close the restaurant and Pay some rent. Within 5-6 days landlord closed the restaurant with no notice. . This is what i heard .. .. Its always very sad to see these things.

    I really hate when people try to cheat behind the back

    I hope that chef and his friends learn a lesson some day.


  2. My bad!! it was just brought to my notice that the manna restaurant not only didnt pay their rent, but also had not been paying salary to the employees for a few months! I should of known that the landlord cannot evict anyone without following the proper procedures required by law….

    anyway, i tried The Curry Pot out…and i must say they did a great makeover and have very tasty food at a good price!