Southern California Fast Food Continues to Invade Texas: Del Taco is Coming

Recently we’ve added In-N-Out and Carl’s Jr. to our local fast food roster. Now, according to SideDish SoCal correspondent Nancy “Fast Food Maven” Luna, 80 “units” of Del Taco are invading Texas.   If you were alive in the early 80s, you may remember Del “Go Bold or Go Home” Taco in Dallas. But they disappeared faster than you can say Taco Bueno. I say, let the taco wars begin. Somebody bring in a chihuahua!  Oh, wrong taco joint. Well then, get a rope. Del Taco, stay home.

10 comments on “Southern California Fast Food Continues to Invade Texas: Del Taco is Coming

  1. This is HUGE! As a So. Cal. native, I can tell everyone that this is a great development for lovers of fast Mexican food. There is nothing quite like the bean burrito with red sauce and a side of french fries! For those from West Texas, think Taco Villa. Yes … The sinister Taco Bell finally has a legitimate competitor in the neighborhood!

  2. What’s going on with the Carl’s Jr. location on Lemmon? Construction stopped about 2 months ago and the buidling site is secured with no current activity.

  3. Del Taco is returning.

    Dallas had Del Taco in the late 70s/early 80s – there was a location at the SE corner of Preston/Beltline. We used to annoy our mother with the jingle until she took us.

  4. I lived near SMU during the early eighties and would trek down NW Hwy to the location at Bachman Lake. I remember the slice of tomato on top of the taco. I always get my fix of Del Taco and In-N-Out when I go to PS every year.
    @DGirl–yeah, what’s up with the Carl’s Jr.? I’ve noticed, too, that they’ve stopped construction. I haven’t been able to find any info.

  5. It would make a perfect location for In-N-Out Burger.
    Especially if it was open 24 hours on weekends.

  6. I believe there was a Del Taco at Skillman and Whitehurst/Audelia-ish intersection (there is a Taco Bueno there now).

    I was really young when my family went there, but I remember liking the salsa for some reason…

  7. There used to be a Del Taco in Lancaster on Pleasant Run. I used to like the Combo Cup and chips. Oh, and the Green Burrito. Yum!

    Oh, the old Krystals at Midway and Trinity Mills is actively being turned into a Carls Jr.

  8. I remember the Del Taco in North Arlington.. They had a wierd steak and cheese burrito that was like a steak’um with cheese whiz and caramelized onions that was strangely really good. And the best flour tortillas of any fast food taco place.. moist and elastic, not dried and crumbly like Bueno…

  9. I am SO excited for in-n-out! i grew up in LA and I also dont eat red meat (a travesty in TX i know) but in-n-out has the most unreal grilled cheese (order a grilled cheese with tomato, spread and grilled onions) and the animal style fries are out of this world. You dont have to be a meat lover to LOVE in-n-out.

  10. There was a Del Taco at Independence & Parker in Plano when I was growing up. It’s also a Taco Bueno now. There is something about Del Taco’s compact yellow cheese and hot sauce that makes it an interesting alternative to the Taco Bueno/Taco Bell around here. Reminds me a little of Taco Casa in flavor. Bad in a good way.