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Dallas is Hot: Food Trucks! Street Food! Clandestine Dining!

Well, the hottest topics in Dallas are food trucks and street food. We’ve got a column on the practicalities of mobile food in Dallas in our current issue. Last night, Channel 8 did a feature on the 10 pm news. (Murmur.) There are articles on the same topics coming from Canada! Today comes word that The Clandestine Dining Society in Dallas has partnered “with one of Dallas’ first gourmet food trucks!”

Why so secret? Oh, it’s clandestine. Gotcha. No wonder I’ve never heard of it. But wait the mysterious email goes on:

“Now – about that gourmet food truck…i’ll go ahead and admit that the CDS has more than a minority stake in it. We hope to be up and running within the next 45 days, and will be serving lunch and dinner when not operating as the CDS event truck. While the Central Business District is currently off-limits, our plans are to alternate between Lakewood, SMU-area, and the Design District. We’ll operate on a semi-fixed schedule and will definitely FB/Twitter our most up-to-date locations and specials.”

So there you have it. We’re on our way to becoming the next Portland.

3 comments on “Dallas is Hot: Food Trucks! Street Food! Clandestine Dining!

  1. You can also add that FD Deluxe did a story on food trucks in March (double murmur).

    I would never allow my hired help to proclaim our city’s desire to be another community if I were the publisher of a city magazine in the U.S.’s 4th biggest, but identity challenged, MSA.

    It goes against the magazine’s mission, which is, in part, that Dallas is a great place to live, work, spend and invest.

    But you’re “just kidding,” right?

  2. Tomas, well Dallsa is a great place to live because it allows people with wishes, hopes, and food dreams to fight for what they want. And I’m not kidding.