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CuriousDish: The Lineage of Urbano Cafe in Dallas

Most chefs and general managers are well-traveled. That’s a good thing–they pick up bits and pieces of information and ideas.  The review of Urbano Cafe in current edition of D Magazine reminded me how much I’ve loved Urbano  since I discovered it at its  first location.  Not only has Urbano traveled, but its owner and front man, Mitch Kauffman has been around the Dallas circuit for quite a while.

Today’s challenge is a two-parter.  The current incarnation of Urbano is on Fitzhugh.  Where else has it been?  That’s the easy part.  Call it TAKS for Dishers.

Now the tough part.  Where else has Mitch been?  He’s well-traveled, well, up and down Preston and McKinney anyway, but that’s all the hints that you’re going to get.

UPDATE: Urbano started on Fairmount, then moved to McKinney/Routh, and then to its current location on Fitzhugh.  Mitch reports that “prior to opening Urbano I  was previously at Four Seasons, the original Sfuzzi, Director of Op’s for Sam’s Cafes, Lombardi Mare and briefly at Popolo’s.”  Now we see what a great lineage can do for a restaurant.

10 comments on “CuriousDish: The Lineage of Urbano Cafe in Dallas

  1. Also on the corner of Routh and McKinney, where Split Peas followed and…. what’s there now?

  2. Ding, ding, ding. That’s right for the locations of Urbano. Urbano started on Fairmount, then moved to the Routh/McKinney location. After several years there, Mitch shut it down and planned his next move, which resulted in the Fitzhugh location.

  3. TWillie, I think it’s interesting to know where chefs have cheffed. Mitch has been around for a while and a lot of people, obviously, don’t know his background. I’ll tell you one: The Fairmont (I think.)

  4. He was at Sfuzzi on McKinney Ave and other Sfuzzi locations and also at Alberto Lombardi’s fish restaurant in Sakowitz Village in Addison

  5. Meant no harm, Nancy. My post came out sounding harder than I intended. The point I was trying to make was that, I’m just glad he’s still here.