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The EatDown: A Refrigerator Full of Supplies Needs Some Creative Cooking Ideas

Take a look at the list of what Hannah  has left  in her house and help her come up with dinners for the rest of the week using these ingredients.

Our summer intern, Hannah Boen, moves a lot—in the last four years she has lived in eight locations. But she has developed a fun game she plays with her friends: The EatDown. She takes all of the food out of her cabinets and fridge and invites people to help her cook her way through them.  I’m sure by the end of the week, she’ll have a show on the Food Network. Until then, let’s come up with some recipes to help Hannah clear her kitchen.

Jump for the glorious details of Hannah’s idea.

I don’t know very many people who enjoy moving. Personally, I love it. Okay,
I’ve met my optimism quota for today. Realistically, I hate moving as much as
everyone else. Alas, as this internship comes to an end and my dad makes the
payment for 13 more credit hours at Texas Tech, I am being forced to move once
again. In the past four years, I have had eight different “homes.”

However, I now take a systematic approach torelocating. A pivotal part of this system
is “The EatDown.”

The EatDown occurs during the week leading up to a move and I am forced to finish the odds and ends of my groceries.

Why do it? Because my other options are a) continue to grocery shop like I normally would and throw out anything that’s left on moving day or b) continue normal grocery shopping, pack up a cooler and haul it down 11 stories with the rest of my
belongings. Neither sounds appealing.

How can you help?

Take a look at the list of what I have left and help me come up with dinners for
the rest of the week using these ingredients. I’m willing to make a trip to the
grocery store for little things here and there, but only if it’s something I will be
able to easily polish off by the weekend.

This week is important. I will either lose or gain ten pounds. Pulling everything
out and realizing I am down to one piece of fruit but still stocked with hot fudge,
icing, Oreos, and caramel makes me think this will be a week of gaining. It will
also determine my level of guilt when it comes time to start throwing things
away. And if you’ve read this and don’t contribute any ideas, I’m guessing it will
determine your level of guilt, as well.

Dried pineapple, mango, and papaya
Chocolate syrup
Strawberry jam
Brown sugar
Canned chili
Noodles (two types)
Macadamia nut waffle and pancake mix
Peanut butter
Hot fudge
Mocha monkey bread mix
Garlic salt
Baked beans
Vanilla syrup
Cracker Jacks
Karo syrup
Grey Poupon
Homemade granola
Miracle Whip
Whipped cream
Vanilla chai mix
Ranch dressing
Bread crumbs
Lemon icing
Strawberry oatmeal
Canned pineapple
Hazelnut coffee creamer
Four frozen chicken breasts

16 comments on “The EatDown: A Refrigerator Full of Supplies Needs Some Creative Cooking Ideas

  1. el smokeador would use some of that karo, pecans and that waffle mix to make some delicious pecan pie waffles. and would probably make some form of oreo/cracker jack waffles too, complete with the dreaded crackerjack peanuts.

  2. I say throw it all in a bowl, mix it up, bake it, portion it and pass it out to your co-workers. Or make carmel coated carrots.

  3. This is like a phantasmagoric episode of chopped. You’ve got enough milk, sugar, flour, shortening and flavorings to make a wide assortment of cookies and or scones etc. You may need and egg or two and some baking powder but you could easily make peanut butter cookies, or a strawberry jam based cookie…or strawberry cake for that matter. Ice the cake with butter icing mixed with the strawberry oatmeal. For an entrée, coat the chicken in the panko and some salt and fry in the crisco. Fry up the tortillas when done for chips. Braise the carrots and dried fruit in Karo, butter, and brown sugar for a decadent side item. Throw the apple away due to its “healthyness”. Next, take a shot of microwaved Lemon icing to take the edge off. Dip some Oreos in a glass of ranch dressing and call it a day.

  4. Growing up we had a recipe where you take chicken breast coat them in a mixture of miracle whip and lemon juice then coat in bread crumbs and bake.
    Serve with the baked beans and sweet glazed carrots (karo, butter and brown sugar?)

  5. Ditto on the caramel carrots. Or make a caramel apple. Melt hot fudge and peanut butter and mix together with a little vanilla syrup. Use on waffles or as a dip for dried fruit. OR mix the dried fruit in the granola and bind them with a touch of butter and roll them into balls. Dip the balls in the hot fudge/peanut butter mixture. Oreos dipped in milk is a duh. Toss the Miracle Whip–wasted calories. Oh, but before you do: bake the chicken and dice it. toss with pineapple chunks and a little Miracle Whip (Hellman’s would be better). Serve as a sandwich. Combine baked beans, chili and pour over Fritos and top with jalapenos.

  6. Take the chicken coat with breadcrumbs and fry. Make a sauce with Peanut butter, Brown Sugar and some Grey Poupon plus water. Cook you noodles and carrots, add the sauce with the chicken.

    Use the waffle / pancake mix with the Canned pineapple, granola and butter to make a simple cake. Whip the cream add vanilla syrup and serve your cake with the whipped cream and a drizzle of Caramel (yes I know it’s sweet)

  7. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Smoothies.

    Cup of ice + Milk + tbl. or 2 of PB + choc. syrup.


    Pineapple Juice + Soy Sauce(absent, go to your local sushi store and offer them $2 for some and they will usually give it to you free) + Chicken + 2 hours + tortillas + cheese (how do you not have cheese?)

    Ricotta Cheese.

    Milk + Cream (Coffee Mate?) + boil + juice of 1 lemon. Drain into a cheese cloth lined seive. Wait 2 hours.

    Pizza Dough.

    Yeast (absent, very cheap) + water, 110F + 1 tbl. sugar + flour + olive oil + 1 hr. rise + 30 min. 2nd rise

    Mac & Ricotta Cheese? Eww. Yuck.

  8. I LOVE this post! Can’t wait to come back and see what everyone comes up with! Years ago Gordon Elliot had a show where he showed up at people’s doorsteps (kind of like one of Jay Leno’s bits) and asked if he could come in and prepare a meal with whatever they had. I miss that show!

  9. You’re missing the obvious: frito pie. Chili with the fritos…add a side of baked beans, and you’ve got a gut blasting meal.

  10. What a fun thing to read. I would be embarrased to put my stuff out to the public. It would be interesting to see what you actually do Hannah.

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