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Taste Test: The Cupcakery

the cupcakery
The Cupcakery (clockwise): strawberry, chocolate ganache, vanilla, Kir Royale

Sometimes a sweet tooth cannot be stopped. When Dimples One Arts failed to open yesterday, I found myself with a raging craving for cake and frosting. So I dropped by The Cupcakery on McKinney to see if I could silence the sugarmonster. I was delighted to find many flavors sitting like jewels in a case. I took the recommendations of the counter guy and walked out with ganache (vanilla cake with chocolate frosting with a chocolate truffle inside), Kir Royale (raspberry cake with vanilla frosting), and strawberry (strawberry cake with strawberry frosting). I also got a vanilla/vanilla, which is the real test for any cupcake shop.

The good news is that the size of the regular cupcakes at The Cupcakery is right: not so big that you feel like you have to share or else risk a diabetic coma. It also sells one-bite beauties (my term, not theirs). The bad news is that I didn’t love the treats. The cake leaned toward dry and the frosting-to-cake ratio on the regular size slightly favors the frosting. I did like the rich, fudgy frosting on the ganache, but the chocolate truffle inside didn’t do anything for me. I plucked it out and threw it away. The raspberry flavor of the Kir Royale was light and satisfying and the iridescent glitter on top of the frosting made me smile. Just a whiff of the strawberry cupcake, and I suspected that it would taste artificial, like NesQuik strawberry drink mix. It did. And finally, the vanilla/vanilla (with pink frosting) was fine, but nothing special. Oh, well.

6 comments on “Taste Test: The Cupcakery

  1. I have yet to have a better cupcake than J Dorian’s mousse filled chocolate mocha cupcake. SO good!

  2. I live right down the street and went in one day on a whim and found the same thing. Felt like too much frosting and cupcakes were dry. Wasn’t worth the price.

  3. They are a little on the dry side, but they’re still better than those Sprinkles bricks! Another good flavor to try is the Good Morning cupcake – it’s like a cinnamon muffin. But for my money, Society Bakery wins coming and going on the cupcake front.

  4. They are very dry and the frosting is too sweet. They are more concerned with the presentation than the taste….I tried a glitter one once….I looked like a disco ball after one bite!

  5. I agree that Cupcakery is dry. We went a few times and they were always dry, so we gave up on them. It’s not like we don’t have dozens of other cupcake choices!