3 comments on “De Tapas in Addison is Closed

  1. Supposedly, they also own or are a part of Jaleo in Richardson.

    I loved De Tapas though. One of my “happy places” in Dallas is on their patio in October, a pitcher of sangria in and another on the way, and a plate of serrano, olives, and artichoke hearts in front of me.

  2. It’s a sad day for tapas lovers in Dallas. This was a genuinely great restaurant. Kevin72 is correct .. there is a family relationship of some sort with the owners of Jaleo. The Jaleo folks told us once while we dined on their patio that the parking situation in front of De Tapas was miserable for them. The Sherlocks Pub (think that was the name) next door took up all of their parking and made it very difficult – if not impossible – for patrons to find a place to park. The noise from next door didn’t help either. Word was a few months ago that they were looking for new space, but not in Addison. Let’s hope they land somewhere in North Dallas.