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What’s Really in a Can of Whoopass at Horne & Dekker?

Blame it on the full moon. Blame it on the bossa nova. What. Ever. A few gals from the office went to dinner last Saturday at Horne & Dekker and one slipped part of a centerpiece into her purse. It wasn’t an elaborate candle or flower arrangement, the centerpieces at Horne & Dekker are a trio of house-labeled peas, carrots, and whoopass wrapped in kitschy H &D labeling. On their way out, one eagle-eyed darling spotted a lonely can of Whoopass on the patio and couldn’t contain herself. She had to know what was inside. (Full story here.) I sent a note of apology to owners Shawn Horne and Flynn Dekker and they replied:

I thought we were a little light on the Whoopass around here. We forgive your associate, but ask that she please return the silverware and fine china. Just remember that opening the can of Whoopass may cause harm…serious harm.

For the record,  no china or silverware was swiped from the restaurant—just one No. 303 can of Whoopass. We asked you to guess what was in the can and we had a few bets going on around the office. Watch The Whoopass Mystery for the reveal.

13 comments on “What’s Really in a Can of Whoopass at Horne & Dekker?

  1. That why this blog is so tacky, did she take the rolls home and fill her pockets with mints too

  2. @ITAFB: wah! wah! No one made you come here, read this, watch the video, get excited and shut your office door, and then watch the video over and over again.

  3. It’s one thing to know you guys are twisted, it’s quite another to see (and hear) the evidence. IJS

  4. Was this filmed before or after Tim had to go to the doctor for a mysterious cramp?

  5. I’m glad the restaurant owner handled your apology note gracefully, Mr. Nancy. I, on the other hand, think it’s pretty incredible that D employees may steal and then celebrate the theft with blog posts and a youtube video without any apparent repercussion. Doesn’t D Magazine want its employees to act with some modicum of integrity both in and out of the office (or, at the very least, to appear to act so)? Also, query why the employee herself also did not write an apology note?

  6. Can we talk about how they’ve up and changed the spaetzel recipe? I was so disappointed. And they didn’t just change something small like a spice or something subtle, it’s a completely different dish. SANS CHEESE. Why? There is never a good reason to remove cheese from a recipe, people.