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Eat This Now: Neighborhood Services Bar & Grille in Preston Royal in Dallas

Nick Badovinus has silently opened the doors to his new Neighborhood Services Bar & Grille in Preston Royal (southeast quadrant). The interior is a knockout—it seems smaller than the original perhaps because the space is divided into two separate dining rooms with a long 14-seat communal or large-party table in the back. The seating at the bar is basically in the kitchen which is cool if you like to watch. I slipped in and tried the French cut pork chop (fat cap on and on the bone) topped with bourbon caramelized Texas peaches served with cheddar cheese grits garnished with bacon. I would return and eat it again tonight. No resos but you can call ahead and get on the list. 214-368-1101. Go. Eat. Report.

UPDATE: Lunch service will start in mid-September. No take-out service at this time.

12 comments on “Eat This Now: Neighborhood Services Bar & Grille in Preston Royal in Dallas

  1. I ate that pork chop on their first night of service… The grits were good! The glaze was outstanding. The pork was perfectly cooked (which to me, means a bit pinkish and juicy). But I thought the flavor of the pork was bland (moreso than expected), and that delicious glaze wasn’t quite enough to carry the dish. I thought it would really benefit from a brining, or a thinner pork cut that would let the glaze stand out more. (I vote for the brine)

  2. How was the wait? I live practically across the street and each night the parking lot has gotten more and more crowded as the week has progressed.

  3. We ate there last night. I had the “West Coast Special” which was the Lemon Sole Milanese. I was thrilled because this was my faborite item on the Hibiscus menu that has changed since Nick’s departure. IT WAS YUMMY. My husband had the skirt steak. It was damn good. We shared the mac and cheese, a similar version of the other NH Services, but with Tabasco. The only gltich was we were told a 20 minute wait, and sat down an hour later. I will 100% return.

  4. Four of us went two nights ago and sat at the bar. What a great show watching the chefs interact. Like free entertainment with our dinner. We went at 6:00 and no wait. I love the space.

  5. We went Saturday night. First, I forget what it’s called, but get the lemon-y vodka martini. Just get it. I had two, okay maybe three.

    Second, we called ahead, got there at 7:15, and only waited one martini’s length of time.

    Third, both my husband and I loved our meals! He had the pasta special, I had basically pot roast on toast with poached egg with a tabasco hollandaise sauce. Can’t recall the name of it…see the first point.

  6. i’ve said this before: nick buys seafood from the best seafood purveyors out there. i know because we share vendors. we’re really excited to have him in the Preston Royal/Forest community.

  7. Well there WAS no wait at 6:30, but now that you published this, you will NEVER be able to get in. I know it’s a necessary evil, but every time I find a new place it gets ruined by a good review and then it’s over crowded. Damn, another one bites the dust and I have not even tried it yet. Hi HO

  8. @tinkerbell, can not get the thought of a “lemon-y” martini out of my head so guess I will just have to go have one – or three! Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. Had drinks and appetizers at Neighborhood Services last night. It’s a great addition to the neighborhood. We sat at the bar and it was very entertaining.