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Bengal Coast to Close This Saturday

The beleaguered Southeast Asian fusion restaurant has always had a hard go of it. That particular corner of The Centrum has lousy visibility. Still, I admired owner Mark Brezinski and chef Neville Panthaky’s attempt to bring Malaysian and Indonesian flavors to the masses. NBC-DFW’s Lisa Petty has the full story.

4 comments on “Bengal Coast to Close This Saturday

  1. I never thought this place had a chance anymore than the Catalina Room which did, miraculously, last five years. The few things I ever had at Bengal Coast were ok, the service, not great.

  2. Babusan really sucks, and if Bengal is anything like it as the release implies then I say RIP. Wasn’t this also the guy who started Zinsky’s and sold out to his partners? Risky fella.