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Update: In-N-Out Burgers in Dallas

Double-doubles are coming to Garland, Texas. But not as soon as you thought.

I called corporate headquarters for In-N-Out Burgers yesterday to check on the opening of their first Texas location in Garland. Tracking down the only guy who can speak on the record for this company, Carl Van Fleet Vice President of Planning and Development, has always been a major task. I got lucky yesterday—he called back in less than five hours and left this message on my voicemail.

“At this point in time, I can’t really speculate as to when we might open. It would be premature to try and guess and I would be misleading some of our customers. What I can tell you is that it is not going to be in 2010. We are just not ready. There is way too much to happen between now and then for us to be ready to go anywhere in the Dallas market.

Confidently, I can say it will not be in 2010 and only say it will be sometime in 2011. If I had to guess, I could say spring (he laughs) but it is vey early in the process and we have a lot of work to do.”

15 comments on “Update: In-N-Out Burgers in Dallas

  1. Now wonder Carl is so hard to track down. He’s got such a long name: Carl Van Fleet Vice President of Planning and Development.

  2. In-N-Out is just ok nothing special, its the liberal nut jobs from the West Coast that like this place, as they leave the disasterous economy that their liberal policies created they are goign ot bring their taste buds with them, and thus the corporations will follow.
    WhatABurger is much better. But I would think that people would be more excited about 5Guys being in the DFW area in the last year or so , now that is a great Burger and they give you plenty of fries.

  3. The superfats are taking over and bringing all these burger chains to DFW. Why can’t we just have a healthy chain of places come in? Baja Fresh needs a bigger presence in DFW, but the superfats don’t want anything to do with low-calorie alternatives.

  4. Mooyah Burgers & Fries is better than 5 Guys and In & Out. I’ve had them both and Mooyah is waaaaaay better!

  5. Would rather have Wahoo tacos than Baja fresh- and the rumor we keep hearing is that the old Steak n Shake location on central is going to be IN n OUT?

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  7. Don’t know if I could decide between In N Out or Whataburger. Both are great, but different.

  8. I’m going to L.A. tomorrow for a week. I can assure you that In ‘N Out Burgers is not on my must-eat list.

  9. Gewurtztraminer would be perfect …. or a good California chardonnay or Reisling. You should find any of these for between $5-$10/bottle (but you can certainly spend alot more too, if you want!)

  10. Gewurtztraminer? WTF! What’s with all the current spate of SPAM postings lately?

  11. It speaks volumes about the typical Dallas restaurant customer, that anyone could say Whataburger or Mooyah’s is better than In-N-Out. Neither of those burgers are even edible, whereas In-N-Out are the best fast food burgers anywhere (notice I said “fast food”…) The food attitude here can be summarized by, “give me alot of food, cheap, and fast.” Quality doesn’t matter.

  12. @Steve – Wow buddy, could not agree with you anymore on this topic.

    Comparing What-a-burger to In & Out is like comparing getting clam chowder in Boston to getting a bowl from a Dallas Racetrack convenient store. puhhlease people..

    If you guys would stop hating for 10 minutes on something “new” and delicious – you might end up enjoying your food (and health) a little more.