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Off Topic Rant! Wanted: Single Rheumatologist Who Loves Food

Single, white female, 57, fed up with the impersonal medical care profession, is looking for reliable health advice and a husband who is a practicing rheumatologist. Must be over 50 years old and knowledgeable about arthritis, aging and, unlike most rheumatologists, be compassionate and dedicated to treating not just symptoms, but actually allowing a patient to complete a sentence before asking the next question. Applicants must enjoy unlimited expense account dining and travel and dogs.  Hours of actual husbanding are flexible. Housing arrangements TBD. Neurologists also considered. Vegetarians or married men seeking to pad their withering clientele need not apply. Grrr.

12 comments on “Off Topic Rant! Wanted: Single Rheumatologist Who Loves Food

  1. I’ll volunteer Glenn. He’s very talented at handling pet waste and taking garbage out.

    Forget that. You’re too smart to fall for the offer.

  2. I’ve always had a massive blog crush on you, NN, but I’ve got 3 strikes against me:

    1. 29 years old.
    2. Married.
    3. Vegan diet.

    I did just Google rheumatology and vegetarianism/veganism and there’s a lot of promising data and controlled studies showing that a change in diet (towards veganism) can improve your RA conditions. Just saying…

  3. Had no idea my mom is Nancy Nichols! It is like you are reading right off her profile!!