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CuriousDish: Best Taste Ever?

Texas Chocolate Sheetcake

There are so many things surrounding food for us to discuss.  Your favorite restaurant, your favorite chef, your best memory.  At dinner the other evening, my 8-year old son came up with this subject for our first CuriousDish discussion.

Let’s talk about

My best ever was at a business dinner at a restaurant in the South of France, somewhere between Marseille and Nice.  I don’t remember anything about the restaurant itself, exactly where it was at, or even the other guests.  What I do remember is having a mysterious dish being placed before me.  It was a puff pastry, extraordinarily delicate on top of a large ramekin.  But what was inside?  Gently tapping the pastry found a luscious lobster bisque inside.  I savored every bit of it as I worked my way through the pastry.

My wife tells me her favorite ever is a homemade chocolate sheet cake dessert at her Grandmother’s home for Sunday after-church family lunch.

For me, the best taste ever is driven by the presentation and that mystery leading up to a beautiful bisque.  For my wife, it’s the memory of Sunday family dinners.

And our fearless leader recently told us that she found the “Best Dessert Evaah” in Boston.

So dig deep into your brain and tell us what your best taste ever was.  Something at a local restaurant?  Something special made by Mom or Dad?  What drives the memory of that best taste?  Tell me.  I’m curious.

PS: My son’s answer to this question?: bacon.  That’s my boy.

19 comments on “CuriousDish: Best Taste Ever?

  1. My best taste ever was a hot flour tortilla dipped in a batch of spicy salsa at Mother Mesquites Cantina (the homemade salsa was served a day or two after mixing*, and, depending on the batch of peppers used, it could be so deliciously spicy). They’ve long since closed, but I can literally remember how that tastes – the fresh tortilla was crispy on the edge and doughy throughout and the salsa was chilled and laced with perfectly sized chunks of onion and a smattering of cilantro.

    Let’s be clear – it’s not the best meal I’ve ever had. It’s the best taste I’ve ever had.

    *I’ve learned that salsa, like chili, is best served a day or two later to let the flavors and spice fully blend.

  2. First bite of really good barbequed brisket, Louis Mueller’s, Taylor, Texas. No sauce provided or required. About 1983. Its still excellent, BTW, and now only 30 miles away along with many other central Texas barbeque restaurants of excellent quality.

  3. best taste ever…Pad Kee Mow at Chow Thai Pacific Rim in Plano when it first opened. The mixture of sweet, slightly sour and just the right amount of heat on fresh made wide rice noodles. The BEST!

  4. The best taste ever is the deeply-charred fatty edge of a perfectly-cooked prime dry-aged rib-eye steak. No matter the size of the cut, you’ll only get 4-6 of these sublime bites per steak, each one an explosion of complex beefiness, salty crust and ethereal fat. It’s a taste you can get at a lot of top steakhouses, but here in town I’d recommend Pappas Bros.

    (And if you’re ever in 30 miles of a Smith & Wollensky’s, it’s well worth the drive).

  5. Oh, and Al Biernat’s is another great place to get that kind of beef perfection here in town. I was so overcome by thoughts of steak that I forgot to mention it.

  6. in general the best taste for me is a fresh avocado. nothing else. sure some salt/pepper, lime and cilantro are great along with it! but an avocado that you scoop out and eat…nothing better.

  7. Tough to separate the top 3. Two come from Smitty’s, the pork ribs and the prime rib. The ribs were so powerfully flavored I almost fell out of my chair. The other was the nigiri sushi at Jiro in Tokyo, made me understand why people say sushi is all about the rice.

  8. No doubt, my one and only experience at the French Room. I felt like a tourist ordering the Tenderloin until the server told me I was making the right choice. It was sous-vide medium rare and I still can’t stop thinking about it 9 months later.

  9. Sea Bass at Loft 610. There was an Asian wasabi sauce on it that was drinkable. I wanted to lick the bowl, but I had my ‘eatin’ dress on.

    The Chocolate sheet cake in the picture looks delicioso, BTW.

  10. Really good breakfast tacos with hot hand-made tortillas, eggs, potatoes and salsa sends me to the moon.

  11. Frito pie from the gone-but-not-forgotten Chapman Chile Kitchen (ideally with a third mild, two-thirds spicy chili). I nearly applauded every time I finished a bowl.

  12. My great-grandmother’s candied sweet potatoes. Perfect and made with love by a woman I adored. She loved them just as much, if not more, so we shared them for 20 years of my life. Nothing will replace the perfect syrupy taste with a hint of orange marmalade (I can’t do them justice) and the company made it even better.

    Root beer floats are almost a perfect taste for almost the same reason. The melted ice cream combined with Barq’s is amazing. If I could bathe in it, I would.

  13. The mac-n-cheese at the porch.
    I have had it hundreds of time, literally, over the past 3 years since the place opened, and everytime its like eating it for the first time – I always “forget” how good it is.

  14. Calluaud’s (sp?) on McKinney was my first fine dining experience and I remember it being GREAT.

  15. The Beefeater Restaurant in Dallas and especially a fabulous Velvet Hammer for dessert.

  16. After chewing a mouthful of a quality vanilla cookie, a small sip of cold milk melts the cookie in my mouth. I love that taste!

  17. Alaskan King Crab dipped in drawn butter. LOVE it. Though, I’ll never forget the truffled potatoes we had in Rome at Ditirambo. I’ve never had a vegetable preparation before or since that even came close. I’ll never be able to pick just one thing.