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Trouble at Taco Mundo in Fort Worth

I haven’t been able to reach anyone to confirm if Taco Mundo is officially closed, but a diligent Disher sends the following report on Taco Mundo in Fort Worth.

One of Carolina Galvan-Rodriguez’s restaurants, Taco Mundo, opened by our offices. It was great — we went there for lunch a lot. It was usually packed around lunchtime…seemed to be doing great business. But this morning I got a company-wide email from one of my coworkers who said that both she and her husband had received a charge on their debit cards from Taco Mundo on July 9, and neither of them had been there in weeks. They called and called and got no answer, so they went to the restaurant to straighten things out and the restaurant was closed for failure to pay rent.

I checked my own bank account, and sure enough, I’d been charged on July 9th too (actually, I think the card was charged on the 7th, but it posted on the 9th), and I haven’t been there in several weeks either. My bank is reversing the charges, but anyone who’s used a debit or credit card there might want to check their own account and dispute any fraudulent charges they’ve received from there.

Ouch. Post below if you’ve been charged for a meal you didn’t eat.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I just check my credit card and I have two charges for July 7 (posted on July 9). I’m calling and emailing everyone I know who liked eating there.

  2. My husband and I went there Friday night to eat, and the doors were locked due to nonpayment of rent. We ended up eating at Hot Bowl instead.

    It’s too bad, because we really like the food.

  3. Wow! that’s crazy about the charges! keep us updated about this one please, NN!

  4. Oh No really? Does this mean that the two carolinas restuarants in carrolton and Plano are closed also? :(

  5. Rumors in kitchens all over town have flown for a long time about unpaid suppliers, rent and now employment taxes. Instead of blowing up Caroline’s skirt on the pages of D magazine, TG would have done a favor to many in the industry who can ill afford a burn by exposing the fraud that was going on. Whether it’s the bus boy, the waiter, the supplier, the landlord, the friend who loans money, the customer who puts their credit card at risk, the tax payer who covers the unpaid contributions to FICA or the competitor who plays by the rules – please help us all by delivering the bad news as well as the good.

  6. You would have to be blind not to see this coming.
    I had heard that about three weeks ago TABC had come in and emptied all cash registers for unpaid taxes.

  7. I have a thought maybe Caroline can sell her $120,000 Mercedes and the Escalade she bought her boyfreind and pay all the employees she burned. Alot of people trusted her and she really let them down.

  8. I know that the Carolina’s in North Dallas is open. They also have my favorite enchiladas.

  9. Hey Matt, be sure to use your credit card when you eat there – you’ll get miles!

  10. Misunderstanding on this. The two charges that they put through on my account this past Friday were for June charges when I went there, 6/3 and 6/7. Looks like they just waited to put through cc charges until last week when they shut the doors. My bank says it doesn’t look like they did anything dishonest; just held off processing the charges.

  11. NN get your facts straight. In the month of May June and July…25 days where not charged so the people ate for free.B if u dont have anything to say dont say it at all.when the CRS guy came in he showed us that 25 days had not been charged so we charged them.WE are not charging people. so go check back on your accounts and u will see that Taco Mundo did nothing wrong including your friend that got her money back

  12. So C, are you Caroline? you say we a lot. How do you run a business and not run your charges for three months? The practice obviously confused custmers who pay attention to their bills and were confused. You should have notified them. No wonder you aren’t in business. I don’t think Nancy is always right but she was right to call peoples attention to this in case it was teal fraud.

  13. My name is Chris-someone who knows the TRUTH. Interesting how all of you “in the know” Nancy, DM and RC have nothing better to do than spend your time slandering others…really??? I don’t think any of you want me to start blogging about what really went down do you? Yes, the charges showed up later–that was out of the restarurants control. That’s a merchant services processing error; happens all the time. As for you DM and RC, the truth always comes to light…you can count on that.

  14. Chris-
    Whos DM and RC?
    Why would anyone with a sound business mind run a restaurant where they don’t realize until 12 weeks later, that money’s not coming in?
    That sounds a lil’ far fetched to me. IJS.
    Also, this blog is an amazing venue for folks who have a vested interest in the restaurant industry.
    Nancy, I think you’re doing a wonderful job!

  15. I was charged, and I was out of the country. At least 6 of my co-workers have said they were charged as well. That is so dissapointing that we tried to be regulars because we liked their food and wanted to support a local business. What a nice way to pay back your loyal customers. I think I’ll stick with Mi Cocina and Taco Diner in the future. The foods the same and at least I wont be taken for a ride. The strange part is they were able to make it look like we swiped our cards instead of punching it in. I had a heck of a time with my bank because of this. They insisted it was impossible that someone was not there with my card. How many times can I tell you that, this happened on the 7th of July, their doors were closed on the 1st, and to top it off you see I swiped my card at the Frankfurt Airport the same day. Finally it sunk it, but really all that wasted time was worth more than the $13 I got back. By then it was just the principle, but I had no idea until I saw what happened to everyone else, that it was the business stealing from everyone.

  16. Carolina, I think D mag should now write an expose on you. NN keep
    Up the good work!! I’ll stick with taco diner and mi cocina as well.

  17. Obviously, the owner is an idiot and doesn’t have any business sense. I heard she was cheating everyone close to her including her loyal employees that worked very hard. Karma is a B****!

  18. First of all, I don’t know who “DM” & RC” are & frankly don’t care. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to read between the lines and recognize that they should “be afraid…very afraid .” I’m sure they know who they are (looks like their not so distant pasts will soon catch up with them.) My friend and I also had a charge populate on our accounts 07/07. We both dined at Taco Mundo on 06/03 for lunch and when reconciling our accounts confirmed that we in fact authorized charges for exactly the amount that appeared last Friday. For the record, neither one of us had duplicate charges, etc. Now, all of you who have some claim of “reversing…fraudulent charges” or “you pay attention to your bills” and “think this is illegal” have probably discovered the same thing I did: THAT YOU PAID FOR SERVICES RENDERED MOST IMPORTANTLY PAID FOR SERVICES YOU AUTHORIZED! The pathetic thing is that how many of you will own up to it now that you’ve called and bitched to your banks to reverse the charges? Who’s the criminal now??? This is laughable. I for one am deeply sorry Taco Mundo is now part of a long list of restaurants that have become a casualty of the economy. If there were other variables in the equation as to why the doors are now closed like an inside job i.e., sabotage by someone in management, theft, disgruntled employee(sounds like that could be DM or RC to me “IJS”) as a customer that’s none of my business. As a final note, Taco Mundo was close to my office so I frequently dined there for lunch. Carolina’s Mexican Restaurant at Rosemeade and Midway is owned by the same person. I have gone and will continue to patronize that location since it’s close to my home in North Dallas. Much like Taco Mundo, the food is phenomenal and the restaurant is absolutely beautiful. I suggest instead of spending your time on here contributing to this useless drama that you do your “due diligence” and check out Carolina’s and enjoy the same quality from our “old friend.” A great meal and drink are much more fulfilling than this…

  19. Wow…I’m sorry I couldn’t resist. JLana…you’re right Karma is a B****! Be careful what you say.

  20. Logical Loyal you better get your Carolina’a on and eat there alot because they will close as well. Casualty of the economy my arse… try big ego’s and no money.
    She burned alot people and now they are having to take her to court to get what they are rightfully owed. The credit card deal is just an example of how jacked up she is, anyone else would have been all over that.
    No petty party Carolina think about all the employees out there pay checks, I hope they hurry up and foreclose on that house of hers.

  21. Logical Loyal Customer, i see your point and I am checking with other restaurants to check your logic. Perhaps there was a glitch in the charge system–the last restaurant I worked in still used the hand swipe machine! However, it seems weird that all of the charges were “remedied” just before or after shutting the doors. Also, someone above mentioned Teresa Gubbin’s review of Taco Mundo. A restaurant review printed in D Magazine is about the food, service, and atmosphere of a restaurant, not an expose on how a restaurant does business. TG did her job. The food was good. Carolina can motivate a kitchen to cook good food in a nice atmosphere. Now that two of her businesses have closed and rumors of unpaid taxes and vendors are swirling, she is open to investigation. To use the old cliche–where there is smoke, there is (usually) a fire.

  22. I was charged $15!!!!! I thought it was a charged from when i went a while back. I have worked with personal accounts and i know a merchant can authorized a transaction but collect the funds months after it was done. I thought this was the case with me. Its a scary thought how they just stored our card info and charged us for no reason. CLOSE UR CARDS PEOPLE!

  23. I too was charged on July 8th, but checked my bank account and had not been charged (same amount) for lunch there on June 13th. The charge was correct; just very tardy.

  24. Ok B…or shall I say “DM” or “RC?”

    I wasn’t born yesterday and you’re pathetically transparent. I think you’d better tread lightly & take heed to what “C” said previously; the truth always comes to light. Enough is enough–don’t you have a life? Or is it indeed your business/goal in life to slander and defame people’s character? I think there are legal ramifications regarding that??? Since you’re so genuinely concerned (of course I’m being sarcastic here) about all of the people who were allegedly burned, maybe you can recover their loss of wages since you’re more than likely the one who’s responsible for the present circumstances.

    Hmmmm…here’s a thought: I bet you were just as careless covering your tracks while sabotaging the business as you are in these posts??? LOL…you my friend are sorry. Hark! What’s that I hear??? I think that’s TRUTH coming around the corner.

    Caroline, “C” (a.k.a.) Chris, Nancy and other customers like myself who just want “good eats” & are tired of this drama, see you at Caroline’s for a LA BOMBA!!!

  25. I was charged three times on the 9th as well as was my buddy who I go there with. I hadnt been there in a month or so. We drove over there to the fort worth store and the doors were locked down by the landlord.

  26. We were there 20 minutes ago. They were open last week so it must be in the past few days that the business was locked down.

  27. “B” (obviously DM or RC)–you’re just clearly ignorant & your life must be miserable. I have a feeling it’s about to get worse…That’s the only response you deserve at this point.

    Marv–the doors closed last Friday. As I previously posted, check your receipts against your charges; I bet willing to bet that you authorized them sometimes last month like I did. No fraud here; just some type of clerk with the people who process the credit/debit card payments. Personally, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen; I’ve had restaraunt, fuel, even a charge to Dillard’s department store show up against my account several weeks after I authorized the charge. If you’re near North Dallas maybe you should meet up with me too for a La Bomba at Carolina’s! AND for the record, I’ve made plenty of charges there and I have gladly paid for my services rendered without any delay :).

  28. “B” (obviously DM or RC)–you’re just clearly ignorant & your life must be miserable. I have a feeling it’s about to get worse…That’s the only response you deserve at this point.

    Marv–the doors closed last Friday. As I previously posted, check your receipts against your charges; I bet willing to bet that you authorized them sometimes last month like I did. No fraud here; just some type of clerk with the people who process the credit/debit card payments. Personally, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen; I’ve had restaraunt, fuel, even a charge to Dillard’s department store show up against my account several weeks after I authorized the charge. If you’re near North Dallas maybe you should meet up with me too for a La Bomba at Carolina’s! AND for the record, I’ve made plenty of charges there and I have gladly paid for my services rendered without any delay :).

  29. La Bomba is exactly what this is! What a total DISASTER!?! I truly believe that the charges are simply LATE, NOT fraudulant, but what PRUDENT business owner ignores sending CC charges to the bank for WEEKS at a time without noticing? The independent business world is far too difficult to succeed in without having absolutely no idea what you are doing… Caroline is a wonderfully sweet woman, but the self-proclaimed “Heart and soul of Mi Cocina…”? Give me a break. I feel so sorry for Caroline, but I TRULY feel sorry for the cooks, servers, managers, vendors, landlords, etc. that will never be paid what they are duely owed. Seems to me it takes more than a genious (bordering on geniously-crazy) ex-husband to run a successful business. We have all heard the old adage — God gives us “LEMONS” in life. Hopefully, Caroline is using them to make (profitable) La Bombas.

  30. Don’t feel sorry la bomba the workers have been paid. Next question please. No such thing as a stupid question just the stupid people that ask them.

  31. I have been charged correctly for every time I patronized Taco Mundo. There were no delayed charges. However, I was erroneously charged on July 7, 2010 for services not rendered.

  32. This is an unfortunate post which has taken on a life of its own, but is leaving a foul taste. There are certainly enough upset patrons, employees and others for us all to know there’s an unusual amount of smoke coming from the kitchen. There is also a clear cadre of Caroline’s defenders (probably family – even Caroline herself – or entourage). What did come across in TG’s article and is apparent here is a clear lack of hubris on Caroline’s part. How can you expect any sympathy for the train wreck we have all been reading in bits and bites about for months now (beginning with the failure to open the Preston Royal location) if you posture like a peacock and continue to blame everyone else, including landlords and especially the former Mi Cocina management level (and lower) employees who you have known for years and hired? What should NN’s readers take from all this – is there an underlying lesson for those who don’t give a flip for the venom or bad blood being reflected in the responses? That’s an answer I’d like to hear from TG (who I have great respect for and enjoy reading immensely – in spite of my earlier comment) or Amy S, NN or for that matter any of the rest of the thoughtful souls who normally contribute to this blog. For my part, I’d say that this is indeed a tough business and you must tend to all the parts with great passion, focus, attention and equal care every day. Also, since a huge ego often seems to be a part of the character of many who enter the industry, I’d also recommend you not let yours interfere with sound judgment and behavior.

  33. Sorry about the blocked letters – I’ve referred to a bird with a huge tail which it fans out from time to time. Come on NN, here’s your chance to show off some of your wonderful and colorful bird knowledge – tell us more about that bird.

  34. Loyal Loyal Loyal, is Carolina paying you by the word if she is I wouldn’t take a check or better yet have her put on a credit card.

    And again I hope you can pick a lock……..

    Your La Bomba is just on the other side of that locked door.

  35. B–you’ve got issues; MORE THAN YOU ARE EVEN AWARE OF. As a matter of act this loyal customer had a great meal with my friends and a couple of La Bomba’s at Carolina’s this evening. When we arrived the we were welcomed/greeted by wide open doors and big smiles as usual and we all gladly paid with credit cards. Sorry to burst your bubble…

    Sous C–atomosphere seemed smoke free to us; employess (even some that I recognized from Taco Mundo) & patrons were happy as can be. Maybe you should go see for yourself.

  36. I believe the doors were closed last Thursday. I was driving home on 360 Thursday, July 8, about 8 p.m. or so and noticed that there were no cars in the parking lot. It was on Friday that my husband and I decided to go eat there and confirmed that the doors had indeed been locked.

  37. Actually they are posting they debits late approximetly 2 months late. So if you went to eat a while back and never got charged for your meal, you didnt luck out you are now getting charged. Your bank or cu can research the date that the transaction actually took place.

  38. Yes i was charged July 9th too…and I could totally understand if it was a glitch but my card was ran for a dollar amount that i HAVE NEVER spent at taco mundo…i always tip in cash too, so i know it wasnt an added tip. Everyone there is always been very pleasant so i would hope it a glitch or something but i pay very close attention to my bank account so i know all charges that were due to Taco Mundo were taken out at the appropriate time.

  39. I’ve only eaten at Taco Mundo once and my CC was charged the correct amount, but about a week later…. they must always run their machine after a while. Does anyone know: is there a fee to run these every night or any logical reason why you would ever wait to run them all? This has yet to be addressed and I’m sure their are some unbiased restaurant/ bar owners on there who would know the process.

    I live closer to and eat at quite often at Carolinas in N. Dallas… have always enjoyed their food, atmosphere, service, etc. so I hope this is just a glitch and things will get back on track.

    As a simple food lover I am sad to see all the obvious hatred going on here. Carolina’s pepele: don’t lie and to the people who obviously have some sort of vendetta against her: please don’t start rumors…. us foodies just want a simple good meal, not all the drama.

  40. There is a fee to run CC machines. Usually authorizations are good for an initial 30 days. Your charges can be upheld for up to 90 days if your card was swiped and you signed the receipt. Some places run every other day or every week. Usually when they catch up with several days from months past, they are in need for the income to pay bills. Sounds like that is what happened here

  41. Logical Loyal Customer – why won’t After All Restaurant Group respond to my inquiry of unauthorized charges? I wanted to give them the courtesy to respond prior to calling my bank