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Twin Peaks Owner and Bolsa Partners Join Forces on Whiskey Cake Restaurant in Plano

Breastaurant” owner Randy DeWitt has apparently settled on a name for his newest concept, which he expects to open in late October or November. The brains behind Twin Peaks and the Ranch at Las Colinas (as well as formerly of Rockfish and Half Shells Oyster Bar) wants to create “a slice of Henderson Avenue in Plano.” To do that he’s reached out to the toast of Davis Street, some of the guys behind Bolsa.

(UPDATE: Commenters have wondered, and so I clarify: It’s Royce Ring and Alex Urrunaga of Plan B who are involved with the new concept — which will be absolutely nothing like Twin Peaks. Chris Zielke and Christopher Jeffers are not involved.)

The plan is for a chef-driven (though they’re still looking for a head chef), locally-sourced, decidedly non-chain stop where Collin County couples can head for a great date night without having to drive all the way into the center of Dallas. They’re taking over the spot where Plano Tavern (closed when its parent company, Bennigan’s, went under) was, right off the Dallas North Tollway at Parker Road.

A lot of design work continues, but they’ve recently settled on a name, which DeWitt says their focus groups embraced: Whiskey Cake.

“It’s counterintuitive,” DeWitt says of the name. “It doesn’t seem like a restaurant. Whiskey Cake — what is that? But it seems to resonate.”

24 comments on “Twin Peaks Owner and Bolsa Partners Join Forces on Whiskey Cake Restaurant in Plano

  1. Hmmmmm. I think you might have this seriously wrong about Bolsa having anything to do with this. Christopher Jeffers and Chris Zielke, who are majority owners of Bolsa and SMOKE would absolutely never, ever partner with anyone from Twin Peaks!!! Plus, they support Oakcliff!!!

  2. I agree with DDP! Bolsa peeps would never do anything like this. They’ve worked way too hard to settle. They never would.

  3. The name is rediculous. I wonder if they are “joining forces” the same way Donald Chick and Sharron Hague did on Park?

  4. A “decidedly non-chain” restaurant from a guy who has started three low-brow restaurant chains? A “chef-driven” restaurant that doesn’t have a chef?

  5. I love how when something works (like Bolsa) everyone who ever had anything to do with it takes credit for it. I know for a fact it is not the Chris’s. I doubt that it would be Royce and Alex doing this because surely they have more to hang their hats on. It must be the partner they fired.

  6. Because we all know that a strip mall on the tollway has the same ambiance as Henderson Avenue.

    Because we all know the everyone goes to Henderson for “date night”, not to bar hop.

    Because besides the Plano strip mall and downtown Dallas, there is apparently nothing in between suitable for “date night”.

    Because we should all really care what a “cute” name like Whiskey Cake freaking means.

    Because they think we really, really care.

    I apologize for the passed gas, but I feel much better.

  7. What a bunch of haters! 2 things near and dear to us – whiskey and cake. Best of luck boys.

    Sidebar, wouldn’t it be refreshing to get a press release announcing a “line cook driven restaurant with produce sourced from the cheapest, conventionally grown purveyor in the US”? They could call it, Honest or Cents.

  8. It’s not true y’all. Trust me! Somebody made a big booboo. Reporters don’t have to check it out apparently for the blogs.

  9. @Borborygmous: Great post. Laughed so hard I farted.
    I feel better now, too.

  10. I am confused. This has to be a joke. Bolsa and Twin Peaks? Never. That would be like a John Tesar special on the Chili’s menu!

  11. @Natalie – at the rate he’s going, Tesar just might end up at Chilis!

    The Plano Tavern building is cool and it is a good location for Plano. I’m very curious to see what it turns out to be. Hope the waitresses aren’t wearing boob baring outfits though like Twin peaks.

  12. I ask you all to look at Plan B’s client list. It includes Bolsaand Olive Garden. IJS, to those of you who claim Bolsa peeps would “never do this.” Well, some Bolsa peeps obviously are. Pay no attention to those guys behind the curtain and pass the–insert-current-farm-to-table-branding-buzzwords–here.

  13. I love my OC peeps…the horror, the horror!We can’t help defending the Chris’s for their honest valor and castigating the “infidels” for their tricked up, inauthentic farm-to-fork bandwagon. Remain calm, my southside brethren…this too shall pass.

  14. Breasts in Plano?, imagine… People – the restaurant business has a lot of crossover. DeWitt & PlanB? It shouldn’t surprise anybody that 2 successful restaurant business groups in Dallas make an attempt at the hottest food concept going right now. Ok, but I guarantee you – The Chris’s are probably as surprised to hear about Whiskey Cake as anyone. Bolsa comes from the heart though. They helped start the trend. That’s the reason they’ve been successful. Also ’cause it’s just so good. I doubt the chemistry will be repeated… but why all the hate? I’m with you snootyfoodie. Good luck to all.

  15. I disagree with Assman…I heard the B in Plan B stands for boooooooty!!!!!! ;)

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  17. These are the two guys who did Brickhouse Tavern as well, so now the twin peaks pairing feels much more natural HUH!!! The two Chris’s are too busy trying to keep the HEALTH DEPARTMENT from shutting down SMOKE due too less than adequate refrigeration. Where there’s SMOKE there’s, ahh you know the rest. Also one of the Chris’s hasn’t been at Bolsa since a stint in Rehab in early 09. So for the uniformed don’t just read all the little press clippings and think you know the whole story. By the way Royce and Alex are HACK’S and almost every concept they have ever done with anyone is at or nearing extinction. Just a little bit of truth serum for all you speculators.