Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Pool Party Caterer

She hasn’t even sent out invitations and she’s crying out for help:

I’m hosting 40-50 people for a poolside dinner next month and need a caterer or restaurant recommendation. Thanks to you & Side Dishers in advance. I would like to spend $15 to$20 per person.

17 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Pool Party Caterer

  1. This might be more casual than you are looking for, but The Hamburger Man is awesome and has done a great job at a number of parties we have thrown or have attended. You can get burgers, chicken sandwiches, fixins for both, potato salad, and baked beans for about $10 per person.

  2. Do you want servers there? If not, I recommend Central Market. Jeff Starr runs the floral and catering business for the Lovers Lane/Greenville store and he’s incredible to work with. He’s very innovative and knows know to pull things together so well. The food is always excellent. It’s a great value – I can’t say enough about him and what CM can do for you within your budget. I HIGHLY recommend. You can call him at 214-728-5442 or email him at

  3. You might also want to check out Torchy’s to see if they can do it – I know that Green House also caters private parties –

  4. How could anyone not want Cane Rosso? He rocks!!!!!

    Forget the Hamburger Man. BORING.

  5. I’ve had Hamburger Man several times and I’ve always been thrilled. I think they do hot dogs also, and I know they do grilled cheese. The plus is that the food is made right then and there, not sitting around while people graze. You don’t want anyone to get sick from food that sits around in the sun at a pool party. Yuck.

  6. A poolside dinner in August? In Dallas?

    Sounds crazy, but Hamburger man is great.

  7. We went to an event at a private home which was catered by Rafas. The food was good and probably not too expensive.

  8. We just had an outdoor party for 120 people in our backyard. Mariano’s La Hacienda catered it. They brought this massive grill and grilled the fajita meat fresh as we ate. The food was awesome, not congealed, hot things hot, cold things cold. The staff was great to work with, as well.

  9. you gotta check out trio-they are super nice & Jason Harper will make any event perfect & their food is so fresh & YUMMY! you can read about them here.

    seriously everyone I know loves the food & service & they do a ton of catering for some big names.

    i am sure it would be in your budget too.

    Good luck!

  10. Chickfila! Oh, unless it’s a Sunday.

    I’ve had great luck with Doug Boster at Boster Catering ( THE best mini hamburgers I’ve ever tasted, and they will set up on location and cook also.