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SideDish Reader Rant: Jinxed Restaurant Locations in Dallas

A loyal Disher from Richardson wants to ask you guys a question. He writes:

SideDish Crew,

I was zipping down Coit (& Arapaho) and noticed that M Cafe is no more.  Saw the lease signage in the window. So I wanted to pose this question for a possible SideDish ‘rant’: What location in Dallas has had the greatest/most restaurant start/fails in that exact location? I’m not talking about places where the management or chef or menu has changed.

First one to pop up in my tired brain is the corner space at the Crescent: Sam’s Café, We Oui, Bice, Gumbo’s, Something Else I Can’t Remember, and Arcodoro.

25 comments on “SideDish Reader Rant: Jinxed Restaurant Locations in Dallas

  1. The spot where Nick and Sam’s Grill is has had a pretty revolving door over the years too. (Martini Ranch, Standard…)

  2. NancyN, that “Something Else I Can’t Remember” was Bice which i remember only because i loved Bice.

    how about that spot at 4140 Lemmon next to Gloria’s that used to be TGIFriday’s … Chris Svalesen’s 32 Degrees, Hamburger Mary, something else, i think maybe it’s a wing place now

  3. I guess this is more of a night club stop but…

    3005 Routh St

    Was Manhattan Bar, then Central Park, then Zodiac…currently empty looking for another victim

  4. Frankford and Tollway where Tre Amici was that just closed, was Rick Stein’s before and before some other steakhouse that slips my mind, maybe Morton’s?

  5. Fsuzzi’s current revival location and Buzz Brew on Lemmon.

    @bluebird, after Hamburger Mary it was a pitiful Italian restaurant for a short time. It is now Genghis Grill which is prety good and does pretty well.

  6. You are so right. I would never have remembered that. Most of the pevious places had short runs which make them hard to recall!

  7. @Christopher & MDF:

    I think there’s a Bermuda triangle there. The old Stolik/Standard/N&S Grill spot, Manhattan Bar spot & the old M Grill/Maguire’s Uptown has been empty for a long time, too.

    It may just be the area. Martini Ranch at the Quadrangle has been empty for a while and Villa Rosa can’t get anything in or at least a place that will pay their bills.

  8. @Droopydave….is Flames on Trinity Mills at Marsh? That place has been at least 5 places in the last 10 years.

    Another corner up north is Rosemeade at Midway.

  9. NE corner of McKinney and Monticello
    can’t think of any of names of priors except the wildly underrated Eccolo [granoff?], featuring Rick Robbins as chef

  10. Corner of Akard/Pacific – currently AM/PM, and I believe there have been at least 2 other restaurants in there since the Mosaic was reopened in 06 or 07.

  11. @linus, that is a good pick. I can think of Gordo’s several upscale Italians including Toscana, Tijuana Taxi and I am sure others.

  12. Preston/Frankford – Cadot is currently there, Positano’s was there, and it was Mediteraneo before that.

  13. Anything in the Quadrangle after 8.0 left? The Centrum- Stephan Pyles place, Drailion, The supper club place?