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Chef Kenny Mills Gone From Dallas Chop House

Chef Kenny Mills and Dallas Chop House owner Mike Hoque. SPLITSVILLE!

Or so the initial rumor goes. Dang, I just wrote a 1,500-word review on The Dallas Chop House. I reached Fran Gallagher, DRG’s public relations person, and she is in her car. She send details when she gets to a desk. All she said was, “There is a difference in the change in the direction of the company.” Huh? Stay tuned.

16 comments on “Chef Kenny Mills Gone From Dallas Chop House

  1. “Difference in the change in the direction of the company” = “John Tesar”

  2. Uh oh, hope things go well, I really enjoyed Chop House, but if the food quality suffers it may be back to Morton’s when it’s time to splurge.

  3. haha, Dallas Restaurant Group can’t keep anyone. Jonn Boudoin and Randy Morgan first, now the fish market blows and is dirty with no AC, only fans. Chop House will assume the same fate, only a matter of time.

  4. You know when the higher-ups pull out their compass, they’re going in a different direction.

  5. Dangit, I have reservations for Wednesday night and was looking forward to checking it out. Now, I have “reservations” about going………..

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  7. Let me see Kenny Mills or Chef Tesar? Do you even have to think about that for more than 2 seconds? JT is our man