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Wimbledon Tennis Update: John Isner Wins Epic Match

John Isner has won! (70-68 in 5th set) The 25-year old American just completed an epic tennis match at Wimbledon. Longest tennis match in history. Sorry, Nicolas Mahut. Five match points. (11 hours and five minutes!) Crazy good stuff! Umpire admits he didn’t pee for 7 hours and 25 minutes. He is getting an award. Seriously.

Isner: “It stinks someone has to lose.”

Mahut: “At this moment it is really painful, the crowd is completely fantastic and John served unbelievable. We just played the greatest match ever.”

Both served over 100 aces.  Mahut had to serve 65 times to keep serve. BBC reporter says, “Mahut looks gutted.” Love BBC.

8 comments on “Wimbledon Tennis Update: John Isner Wins Epic Match

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  2. No, I quit the NBA long ago. I left with Kareem. Bores me now. ESPN and American television suck at Wimby coverage. I always listen to BBC radio. Much more interesting, intelligent, and about freakin tennis and not about John McEnroe.

  3. Nancy, I swear we were separated at birth. I, too, listened to the BBC. It was very entertaining and informative. got a chuckle yesterday when GiGi, the female announcer, talked about her also needing a “toilet” break. You’d never hear Johnny Mac say that.