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Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Best Breakfast in Dallas

I know we’ve touched on where to eat pancakes in Dallas, but this girl wants more.

Nancy, I searched SideDish to find the best places to eat breakfast in Dallas and came up with a bunch of pancake places but I have relatives coming to town and they love breakfast. They eat a big one and then have a small meal again around 5:00 in the afternoon. They will be here for TWO WEEKS so I’d like to take them out as much as possible. Price point is no option.

She’s loaded! Where shall we send them?

68 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Best Breakfast in Dallas

  1. No one has mentioned Penne Pomodoro? What? Great food and $1 Mimosas, Bellinis, and Bloody Mary’s.

  2. Four Seasons in Austin has the best pancakes I’ve ever had in my entire life, and I am an AVID pancake eater! Worth a try at the Las Colinas one!

  3. A number of good ones have been mentioned, but I haven’t yet seen a mention of Benedict’s on Belt Line in Addison – breakfast is ALL they do, and they do it well.

  4. Can’t believe nobody hasn’t mentioned Oasis on Greenville.

    Agree with Barbec’s, Cindy’s, Norma’s, Mama’s Daughter. Hoever, if you are in McKinney, you cannot miss Bill Smith’s, who has a bumper sticker that says something like, ‘I live with fear and danger everyday, but sometimes I take her to Bill Smith’s in McKinney’.

    I disagree with Cafe Brazil. All locations. Terrible food.

  5. John’s Cafe on Lower Greenville. Or, if you want to get rid of them before the 2 weeks are up, go to Melios Char Bar. They will get the message that it is time to leave before you really poison them.

  6. Jane- I think you mean Ozona on Greenville, if not, you should. Best Chicken Fried Steak-which they do serve at brunch- and a FABULOUS patio.
    Also can’t lose with Breadwinners or La Duni.
    My newest favorite is Captiol Pub- from the amazing Irish Oatmeal to the Banana Nut French Toast- everything is delicious!

  7. My place for breakfast tostadas with black bean puree, poached eggs, queso fresca and a homemade verde sauce. That or la Duni. Or brunch at Screen Door (best bloody mary ever).

  8. House Cafe (in Richardson) or Angela’s at Inwood & Lovers…gotta say Angela’s is probably my #1!

  9. If they are on the run-how about Good 2 Go Tacos at the Green Spot.

  10. You can all stop right here. There can’t possibly be a better breakfast option than Herb Tarleck’s delicious little scenario.

  11. Best pancakes and breakfast for that matter Kozy on McKinney 4343 McKinney even gluten free for those that need that!

  12. Cafe Brazil on Greenville Ave.
    Wonderful selection, great food, fun people watching.

  13. barbec’s, mecca, etc, etc. if Dallas had ever had a great breakfast spot it would have met the same fate as the late, great long lamented Las Manitas in Austin. bulldozed for a new marriot.

    mexican breakfast anyone?

  14. Original Pancake House! Everything is great…Dutch Baby, pancakes (nice and moist), bacon (yuuuuummmm), omelets
    (fluffy and filled with goodies)…they serve real whipped butter and heavy cream for coffee and oatmeal..
    The coffee is just the best (dark and rich)…keep on refilling.
    This is really the only place I enjoy breakfast…no glop food here…