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The Moth Taps Avery Cask Ale Tonight

Congrats, Shannon Wynne. Your Meddlesome Moth is the “It” place right now in Dallas. Everyone’s talking. The patio is packed. Here’s another reason why: You’re making beer the new wine (along with a host of other gastropubs in town such as The Libertine). Over on Lower Oak Lawn‘s blog, they report The Moth is tapping a cask ale from Avery Brewing Co. tonight. This rare Maharaja Imperial IPA will be available to taste starting at 5pm. We suggest you get there early.

6 comments on “The Moth Taps Avery Cask Ale Tonight

  1. Just put in some soundproofing — or take someone you don’t want to talk to.

  2. The beer is awesome. The Moth is nowhere near as loud as the Flying Saucers. Food is hit and miss … I loved my salad, but couldn’t eat my entre. YMWV.