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Mini-Review: Al’s Pizzeria in Dallas

Before I get started, did you know about this website? You poke in your zip code and it shows you all the restaurants that deliver in your area? Hmm. Sorry, I’m easily amused (and distracted). UPDATE: The website above is awful. Sorry.

The other night I called Al’s Pizzeria to deliver a pizza, veggie calzone, and a salad. Al’s is close to my house so the pizza is always hot and they make a good pie. While my (Words With) Friend chowed down on a righteous pepperoni pizza, I tried the veggie calzone. (Check it out above. It looks like a smiling spaceship.) At first I was a bit disappointed—the cheese in the calzone wasn’t melted  and the vegetables (mushrooms, peppers, olives, and onions) were cool to the touch. I popped it in the oven and heated it up until the cheese and marinara sauce bubbled over the mushrooms.

I hadn’t eaten a calzone in a while and I’d forgotten how dang hard they are to eat (especially when you are attempting to play WWF on your iPhone). Once you add the sauce and pick it up, the whole ship crumbled to a messy pile of melted cheese, vegetables, and crust. Had to use a fork. And while it may not look pretty, it tasted pretty damn good. Do you calzone or pizza?

9 comments on “Mini-Review: Al’s Pizzeria in Dallas

  1. When I poked in my digits on the delivery thingy, it gave me 16 results, ranging from El Chico in Arlington to Jersey Mike’s in Plano to Sonny Bryans on Lovers.

    I live sorta near Lakeland and Ferguson. There are approximately 1000 delivery joints that would be happy to oblige me. None of them are on that list.

    Boooo crappy pokey digit delivery thingy. Fail.

    p.s. If you live in East Dallas, try the delivery from King China on NW Hwy in Garland. I’ve never had a disappointing delivery from them.

  2. I’m about to MOVE to near Lakeland and Ferguson, so I’ll try King China! I’m dying to get my Lovers Pizza fix too.

  3. Lovers Pizza is good, but try Pizza Getti at John West and Buckner, kinda tucked in a strip mall.

    The Dairy-Ette, of course.

    There’s a Pollo Regio at Gaston and East Grand/Garland Rd. that is really good. A whole chicken with rice and beans and tortilla for about 14 dollars or something.

    Its a good thing none of those places deliver, I would be a homebound big belly boy.

  4. Al’s was much, much better when the original owners ran it. They made a darn good New York style pizza. After they sold it, the food went downhill.

    The original owners all talked with a European accent and people assumed they were Italian but they weren’t. I think they were all from Bulgaria or Romania like the good guys at Lovers Pizza.

  5. @scagnetti – I think they were from Albania. For some reason a lot of Albanians run Italian restaurants. Or maybe Albanian cuisine is just like Southern Italian?

  6. Love me Sals’ Calzone. What’s the difference between that and a Stromboli? Hmm checked Wikipedia and it seems not much :)