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Remembering Dallas Restaurants: How Far Back do You Go?

When I was a little kid in Dallas, my grandfather always took me out to eat at cool places. One place I remember fondly is La Tunisia. The interior was exotic—low tables, wicker chairs, African fabric on the walls, and the waitresses wore I-Dream-of-Jeannie pants and veils over their faces. This may sound run of the mill now, but in the early 60s (?), it was over the top. There was also Ports O’Call and The Chaparral Club atop what is now the Sheraton Hotel.  Anybody else old enough to remember The Golden Pheasant? Little Bit O Sweden? Lucas B&B? The Torch, Town & Country?  The Beefeater?

  • laurie

    The Chips at Lovers and the Tollway was an IHOP. As a young girl, parents took me to Ewalds and Iannis for special events. I ordered Shirley Temples and felt so grown up. At the original, original Chilis on Greenville at Meadow, you could get two burgers and fries for $5. Kips at Northpark–Yes! Daltz for fried ice cream. Farrels at Valley View for huge ice cream floats, Old San Fran steak house with the lady on the swing for prom dinners. Bagelsteins on Spring Valley. Wall’s on Preston with the case of marzipan cookies and vats of pickles. People’s Restaurant with the “food bar” in Addison. The Stringbean in Richardson (may still be there.) The Egyptian when it was the one and only Campisis before they expanded, and you had to wait outside on line forever. They used light bulbs high on a wall to tell the server when an order was ready. There was one Texmex place that had a cafeteria-style line. When you wanted more sopapillas, you raised the flag on your table. Now, I’m hungry.

  • Prejean’s Friend

    Voltaire…JT McCord’s…Chu’s…The Russian Room…and then there was a short-lived steak place hidden on Keller Springs in Addison.

  • Jeanne Prejean

    Did anyone mention San Simeon on McKinney where Larry North was the maitre d’? What about Banno Brothers on Lowest Greenville? Or, the very original, one-story Chili’s at Greenville and Meadow?
    Shoot! I’m showing my age and now I’m hungry.
    Nancy, why did you have to open this kettle of fish?

  • Jim Lee

    Gastronome: the place in the celler (on Main)down from Neiman’s was Town House Deli aka The Cave (during WW II had been the Pirate’s Cave). Run by the Sedaris brothers: Basil (took your money), George (worked the steam table)& Harry (ran the bar at street level), with their Mama always there. George’s apple pie was great, but that’s another story.

  • Jim Lee

    Trying to remember a restaurant name. A large room downtown across Commerce from the Golden Pheasant – at least from the late 40s; then they opened another restaurant (with a similar name) on street level in a mid-rise building across Commerce from the Mercantile and west of the Mercantile Continental Building; open in the early 60s.

  • Chaparral

    Do you guys remember the Chaparral Club atop Adams Mark Hotel (now Sheraton)? That was the absolute best!! I had my first date with my husband. Food was amazing on most visits until the last couple of times before it clsoed. The talented piano player/singer made for the most romantic spot in the city it seemed. Wish it was still there. I wonder what has come of that space.