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Hard Rock Café in Dallas is Back With Bargain Prices

Our newest summer intern, Hannah Boen, is a senior at Texas Tech University where she’s majoring in journalism and obtaining a minor in sociology. She’s been in Dallas two whole weeks. We sent her to cover a media luncheon at the new home of Dallas’ Hard Rock Café just blocks from the American Airlines Center at the southern end of the Victory Park urban development center.  She files this report.

In 1971, Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett opened the first Hard Rock Cafe in London. You may not care about that, but you probably will care that Monday the Hard Rock Cafe Dallas will be celebrating that opening by offering the original menu at original menu prices.

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The prices are really low. Low enough to have the restaurant’s sales and marketing coordinator, Kayla Bowman, a little afraid of the financial specs.

I can’t speak how the Founders’ Day celebration will turn out for the accounting department, but for diners on Monday, the day is sure to rock.  Hard.

Drinks are still full price and the menu is fairly small (apparently the ’70s wasn’t the era of extravagant selection for restaurants), but there’s still something for everyone, including 11 Legendary Burgers at 71 cents each.

The only item on the menu that passes a buck is the BBQ ribs. The two desserts are offered for about 50 cents each.

I cannot personally attest to the greatness of many of the menu items, seeing as I’ve only had two of them, but I can say the Grilled Granny Smith Apple & Provolone Burger is an excellent choice. If you can get past the fact that it smells like Christmas, you’ll love the grilled apples and maple sauce.

And if you’re there more for the experience than the flavor, the Hard Rock Cafe Dallas is home to the only burger in the world to be named after a sports figure. The Jason Terry Local Legendary Burger: a potato bun loaded with a 10-ounce patty, pineapple, two sauces, three cheeses, and two types of lettuce.

Lines are sure to be long, but they’ve got you covered. Snowcones will be sold for a dollar to make waiting more bearable and proceeds will go to local police and fire departments. In addition, civil servants will be allowed to jump to the front of the line all day Monday.

If you can spare a buck on Monday and don’t mind leaving in a carb coma with grease stains on your slacks, there’s no reason not to go.

8 comments on “Hard Rock Café in Dallas is Back With Bargain Prices

  1. “civil servants will be allowed to jump to the front of the line all day Monday”

    Stay away.

  2. I was living in London when Hard Rock Cafe’ first opened.
    The line (que) to get in wound around the block. And, stayed that way for years.

  3. On the Hard Rock site it says the 71 cent burger is for civil servants and they must show proper credentials to receive the special so it looks like not everyone can get a cheap burger.

  4. Sounds like Hannah is right! This is copied straight from the Hard Rock website. I didn’t see it noted anywhere that the 71 cent burger is just for civil servants!

    Hard Rock Cafe Dallas Rolls Back Prices On June 14!
    Posted on 06.11.10

    June 14, 1971. The day the first Hard Rock Cafe opened its doors in London. We celebrate this date every year as Founders’ Day.

    On Monday, June 14th, Hard Rock Cafe Dallas will offer a limited menu* that is rolled back to 1971 prices – including items from any Legendary Burger (71¢) to BBQ Ribs ($1.16) to Hot Fudge Sundaes (55¢), and more. All prices are the same as when Hard Rock’s founders, Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett, opened that first Hard Rock Cafe.

    As well, on June 14, in honor of those who give so much of themselves, those who serve the greater public, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and other civil servants will have “front-of-the-line” priveliges at Hard Rock Cafe Dallas.

  5. That is the scariest Hamburger Bun I’ve ever seen. A bun like that could ruin all the fun.