First Look: The Common Table in Dallas

Oh, if this little house on Fairmont Street could talk. The first time I stepped in the front door it was Calluaud’s, a tiny French restaurant owned and cheffed by Guy Calluaud. Oh, the veal Normande! Champagne! Squab en papillotes! Hazelnut soufflés! After Calluaud’s, there was–oh I can’t remember the name, something Petite Masion-ish–and then, of course, Barclay’s. Van Roberts brought us the gone but never to be forgotten Lola and the Tasting Room at Lola. Today Sarah Eveans gives us a quick look at the latest reincarnation, The Common Table, owned by Brian (Loft 610) Twomey and his partner Corey Pond. Heeere’s Sarah.

9 comments on “First Look: The Common Table in Dallas

  1. The Executive Chef is Ben Ackland, formerly of The Ivy and Soho House in London.



  2. What is the deal with their website? I can’t believe there is nothing on it, after being open for two weeks.

  3. Ben Ackland is the Executive Chef of both Loft 610 and The Common Table. Lee Taylor is the Chef de Cuisine and operates the kitchen on a daily basis. DJ Quintanilla is no longer affiliated with Twomey Concepts or The Common Table.