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Bishop Arts Mix n’ Match

Over on Go Oak Cliff, a little game is going on: Four vacant spaces in the Bishop Arts area and four potential restaurants opening soon. It’s fun speculation. But I have a bigger question: How many restaurants can North Oak Cliff comfortably support? I live in the area and eat out most nights. Yet there’s new restaurants even I haven’t tried. I’m happy to see the OC bursting with new business. But when is enough enough? Discuss.

11 comments on “Bishop Arts Mix n’ Match

  1. Todd – I’m guessing most of the restaurants that have opened recently or will open soon have NOT planned to be supported just by Cliff Dwelling patrons.

    The Bishop Arts area has become a destination for eating & drinking for folks from across Dallas (and maybe even Plano!). This is great for those of us fortunate enough to live in the Cliff since we get the convenience of walking or biking to some of the best restaurants in town.

    So when is enough enough? I’m thinking we’re just scratching the surface of the development potential of Bishop Arts/ North Oak Cliff.

  2. I would tend to agree with Todd, there comes a point where these restaurants are going to be siphoning off business from each other and not everyone will be able to support their business model. Then you begin to deal with issues like parking,will people get turned off by the lack of parking thus hurting everyones business. North Henderson has already seen the demise of at least 5 restaurants.Follow the leader (Tillmans, Hatties)is’nt always the best idea for everyone. Oak Cliff residents be careful what you wish for, Uptown and the kind of developers it attracts is not all good.

  3. I live in the area just north of Uptown and, I’m taking my date to Hattie’s for dinner Saturday night.
    Why? I love the food, ambiance and, the neighborhood.

  4. What Bishop Arts needs is a really good Italian restaurant. Eno’s is great for pizza, but not much else. As a Oak Cliff resident, I’m hoping one of these new restaurants will fill this huge terrible hole.

  5. Dani: That hole will be filled when David Uygur opens his seasonal Italian restaurant next door to Dude Sweet Chocolate.

  6. I live in the heart of Uptown, and I find myself heading to the OC more and more for dinner. Why? Good food, no “Dallatude” but the patrons or staff, no valet, plenty of parking, lots of little shops and galleries to visit while waiting or after dinner. It seems the restaurants there really appreciate your business. I think they could handle 5-7 new restaurants (including those mentioned in the Mix n’ Match) as long as they are different from what’s already there. ‘Cause we all know, the last thing needed is a steakhouse or an upscale Mexican restaurant.

  7. I am so excited about the new Uygar restaurant – Bishop Arts has been woefully lacking in good Italian (sorry Vitto’s). Other than that, what would everyone suggest? We already have Hattie’s(low country southern), Tillman’s (funky southern comfort), Chan Thai, Zen Sushi, Eno’s Pizza, Cafe Madrid, Vera Cruz, Hunky’s Hamburgers, Gloria’s will soon relocate, Greek Cafe, Cafe Brazil, Casa Blanca Sabor and Bolsa and ConFusion down the street. I’m satisfied with what we have, but what’s on everyone else’s wish list?

  8. BTW,

    Cafe Madrid closed several weeks ago.

    It’s very telling that people haven’t noticed yet

  9. One of the reasons I love the Bishop Arts area is because it reminds me of Austin. That is, the Austin of 10-15 years ago.

  10. I’m surprised Cafe Madrid lasted as long as it did in that location. I ate there half a dozen times when I was one of only two tables in the place – and it’s a pretty big space.