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4 comments on “First Bite: Neo Pizzeria by Olivella’s in Dallas

  1. First let me state that I love Olivella’s – its probably my Top 3 in town! I hate to sound negative but get the For Rent sign ready. Your review was very positive, but I have no desire to brave the Victory parking conundrum (even though you said ample partking) FOR A $20 PIZZA! Yes you will get good foot traffic on Activity Nights at AAC, but I don’t see me or any of my friends treking to Victory for an expensive pie. There’s too many options, or I will just visit the Hillcrest location.

  2. Odd. Some friends of mine who live down there were telling me a couple months ago how excited they were to be getting a by-the-slice pizza place. They were hoping for more inexpensive restaurants to help drive activity in the area. But I guess “Slice Bar” doesn’t mean what they though, eh? (Or is there a different menu than the dinner one on their website?)

  3. I too thought the pricing was quite high for a pizza… Make it more affordable and you’ll get more of my business. And Clark, you can normally find parking on the side streets or park in the large lot and walk 5 feet to the door of NEO. The parking hassle is no longer an issue at VP. You get 2 hours free!