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Tuesday Morning Rant: Phil Romano You Make My Head Hurt!

Take precautions when shopping at Eatzi’s!

Good morning and welcome back to reality. Let’s start this (joyfully) short week off with a letter to Phil Romano. You know Phil. He has given Macaroni Grill, We Oui (Hi, Nick!), Fuddrucker’s, Nick & Sams to our fair city. Oh, and Eatzi’s. Everybody loves Eatzi’s, right? At lunch it’s a mob scene. The market is crowded with baskets of fruits and vegetables crammed next to shelves lined with gourmet products. The center of the space is a round food case filled with prepared foods, fresh fish, and meats. Boxes of wine are on the floor all over the store. The environment is semi-controlled chaos—it makes you feel like you’re in a space where everyone wants to be.

I like to be at Eatzi’s on Lovers Lane around 6:00 in the evening. Check that, I have to be at Eatzi’s after work if I want anything to eat on the nights I don’t dine out. My refrigerator is a science project—Styrofoam containers with leftovers in various stages of decay and condiments.  It doesn’t make you hungry.

Neither does the blaring opera music at both Eatzi’s location. Ave Maria! Last week I asked the gal at checkout how she feels when she gets off work. “That’s the way the boss wants it,” she said as she squeezed the top of her nose with her fingers to relieve the pressure of what was probably chronic cluster headaches. “Oh, but we love it,” she said. “It keeps us on our toes.”

Phil, I’ll give you this—you’ve got your cheery staff well trained. But every customer I surveyed in the store was annoyed by the Placido Domingo’s voice piercing their ear drums. Phil, please turn it down. We might stay longer and buy more.

19 comments on “Tuesday Morning Rant: Phil Romano You Make My Head Hurt!

  1. I have avoided going there, especially when I have had a bad day, because I don’t want the music splitting my eardrums. I mentioned it to one of the other owners, and he shrugged his shoulders.

    What about some nice background music that doesn’t make people run for the doors?

  2. Phil is so deeply talented that he should just start laying down tracks of his own blissful voice and we can listed to that while we shop.

  3. I always find the loud music situation in restaurants, etc; amusing. You politely ask that the music be toned down, only to get the answer that the owner/manager likes it that way, because the owner/manager mistakenly thinks the customer likes it. But I am the customer!!! And I don’t like it!!! And I don’t go back…

  4. Same thing last night @ Lee Harvey’s where the jukebox used to be served at room temperature. Someone played ‘One Tin Soldier’ at top decibel w/the speakers blaring like it was a raid while I tackled my tacos. I told Timm @the bar…just as ‘Highway to Hell’ came on… that was surely a workman comp issue. To which he cupped his ear & said, ‘Huh?’ since he could not hear me.

  5. Everybody in unison SCREAM!
    “Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
    Go ahead and cheat a friend.
    Do it in the name of Heaven,
    You can justify it in the end.
    There won’t be any trumpets blowing
    Come the judgement day,
    On the bloody morning after….
    One tin soldier rides away.”

  6. Anne nailed it: if the “customers” liked it, they wouldn’t be constantly complaining.

  7. Honestly, I don’t even NOTICE the music at Eatzi’s. But then again, I have thousands of years of Italian blood coursing through my veins.

    If you really want to have an ear bleeding experience, go to Nate’s in Addison when they have have a loud three pirce band in the bar area that’s no bigger than a phone booth.

  8. I hate that loud music at Eatzi’s! Consequently, I don’t go there nearly as often as I would if they didn’t have that damn LOUD music.

  9. Maybe they should turn it down and THEN see if any customers request for it to be turned up. That should prove the point.

  10. I have shopped at Eatzi’s since the day it opened. The music doesn’t really bother me. Off topic of noise, my gripe is the staff, with several new faces recently. Some of the (longer term) staff members are very good and pleasant to deal with; others, however seem to have no respect for the food. Salads are thrown together, the faster the better. I’d gladly spend 20 seconds longer in line to have a pleasant experience moving down the line.

  11. I went once – only takes once – will never go back until assured the stupidness of the loud musice is over. Where are the brains (and ears) of these people??

  12. Just another voice here….I like the music. It does add energy to the place and make me feel that I am not in a sterile grocery store. Keep it coming.

  13. NN, what are some of the items you typically get at Eatzi’s? I shop there regularly and I sometimes struggle with what to get.

  14. The crabcakes and jumbo shrimp are so pricey. $20 for two small cakes and $10 for 4 shrimp. Take it down.

  15. Loosen up, people. At least it drowns out all the stupid people yapping on their cells phones as they cluelessly walk around the place.

  16. I go there every day and enjoy the music. Enjoy your 5 minutes of class then you can go back to blaring Gaga and Bieber in your car.