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Urbano Café in Dallas is Cool. Wait, Make That Cold

Dishers, rejoice. Urbano Café, the groovy spot in East Dallas that has had many complaints on the inefficiency of their air conditioning, has just hoisted a 3 1/2 ton Carrier air conditioning unit on their roof! “Yes, we definitely had problems last year,” says owner Mitch Kauffman. “Even though it was a brand new unit — it just wasn’t enough to battle the western exposure in the late afternoons and the open the kitchen going full blast.  I used to quip to our friends about our “trendy Bikram dining experience” but frankly, it was hot in there.” Now it will probably be too cold for some customers. “We loved, loved, loved our customers for hanging in there with us despite the heat in those early days,” says Kauffman.

4 comments on “Urbano Café in Dallas is Cool. Wait, Make That Cold

  1. Good news, indeed! As an early dinner with friends last summer proved unbearable.

  2. Glad it will be ‘cold’. Grab a layer-wrap & shut up! (Don’t show up in halter-tank tops & flip flops bitching. Think spandex cat-suits.)

    I LOVE this place!

  3. ha… funny, looked at the time of this post Nancy and it was just as my delicious steak salad was arriving! My friend loved her Mediterranean salad as well!