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In-N-Out Burger Comes to Dallas: Details Developing

I reached Maxwell Fisher, the city of Garland employee who worked with the developer of the soon-to-open In-N-Out Burger at Firewheel Town Center in Garland. When he answered his phone, I asked him if he was  at the prospect of working on such a grand project. “Aren’t you excited?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I’m kind of a food snob,” he says. “I’ll probably be disappointed. But, we’ll see.”

Fisher said the city has been working has been working with the developer for “some time. At least since February or January.” The plans were approved by the Garland City Council on Tuesday, May 18. The In-N-Out will be on the southeast corner of Town Center Blvd. and Lavon Drive. And according to Fisher’s best guess they will begin moving dirt this summer. When I asked if there were other locations planned for Garland he said, “No not here but they plan to add about 5 more to the area.”

[First report here.]

  • venusflytrap

    Man, there are are lot of InNOut fans here in N Tx. Well let me a little twist on the whole thing. I’m from Illinois where there are too many Great Burger joints to even talk about. I moved to TX about 14yrs ago and I really liked Whataburger. Then I went to Phoenix and tasted InNOut and fell in love.. Now the closest I have tasted to it is Mooyah burgers… But the ambience at InNOut is so much better…

  • Senor

    No, thank you, Frenchy. They don’t like my kind out there.

  • Matthew Smith

    In-N-Out would do better in Ft. Worth. perhaps they don’t know how many In-N-Out fans there are in Cowtown. most or all of my friends are at least. unless they are unable to compete with Kinkaid’s.

  • Mark


    You got that right.

    Back in the 80’s about half of metro Detroit moved to DFW. It took several years for it to sink in that nobody gave a flying crap how they did things in Michigan.

    Seattle had the same problem with the California expats in the 90s.

    In-N-Out coming to DFW is a good thing, but you have to wonder if these people think DFW is such a hellhole, why are they here?

  • Phil

    @BigCee: Right there with you on Ted E’s! I’ve had a number of items on the menu and they’re all really good. I just LOVE the Jalapeno Fire bite and the burgers! Hopefully, they can open up another location in the Grapevine/Southlake area soon.

  • James

    I’m so glad In-N-Out is coming to Dallas. Now all of Dallas can try and go “what the hell is all the hype about? Meh, Meh, Double Meh”….

  • Claire

    Where the heck is Garland? I mean, bring it to Dallas proper!

  • M

    i’m hyped…two double doubles with cheese animal style…with fries animal style as well please!

    it’s funny some of these people hating on it…less time in line for me so all good there.

    my new Dallas fast food burger rankings once it opens;
    1. In-N-Out
    2. Smashburger
    3. Five Guys
    4. Keller’s
    5. Whataburger

  • Krystal

    OMG I hope in n out comes to tx I have lived here 5 years now and miss it after living 18 years in cali and so does this mean that a chance of in n out coming other places in tx like austin after a while. I so hope so because I am sorry I have had whataburger once in the 5 years i have been here. I took one bit and spit it out. NASTY. I CAN’T WAIT FOR IN N OUT…

  • Westside Burgerhunter

    In-N-Out is the BEST burger period. The fresh meat, the awesome fries, the flavor…you so called Texans will soon learn!
    Ohh..and yes, I’m a Cali Transplant too!!!
    18 years worth of What’s-that-no-flavor-booger!! YUUUCCKK!!!

  • Shut up

    Can you people get a life? Jesus Christ.

  • neesie

    BRING IN & OUT TO TENNESSEE!!! Best burgers & shakes in the country!!

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  • mikenfrisco

    Californians always say their restaurants back in Cali are better than anything Texas has to offer. Of course, most that do the boasting live in Texas ironically.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    I’ve lived in both Cali and here and would agree that In N Out is much, much better than Whataburger. They do a great job with their burgers…it’s all they do. No hotdogs, chicken fingers, etc., just burgers. That said, they don’t have many options on their burger and I think their french fries are pretty mediocre. Since 5 Guys (Galleria location and a few others) have moved into town, I’d rate them much higher than In N Out.

  • Joe

    In-N-Out is a damn good burger, BUT, it’s a damn good burger for the price. A Double-Double is $3, and you can’t get a better burger for that price, or even for $4. But once you start getting to the $6 range and up, of course you can find better burger.

  • Greta

    I’m sooooo excited that in n out is soon 2 be here n Dallas!! I just can’t wait, their burgers and fries are d best in the west but now it’s gonna be in central..

  • Taylor

    Hope it will be good like fuddruckers

  • scootersteve

    I’ve never eaten at an in and out before but I think whataburger is the worst hamberger chain in texas their buns are alway too hard I don’t know if thier stale or just made that way but thier terrible burger king is better can’t wait to try an en and out burger