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Making Dallas Even Better

First In-N-Out Burger in Dallas is Approved for Garland Texas!!

Double-double animal style coming to Garland Texas. (photo by Nancy Nichols)

It’s semi-official. Looks like In-N-Out is coming to the Dallas area. According to the City of Garland website, the Planning Commission approved Jim Powell’s plans for the first In-N-Out in Texas. UPDATE: The burger joint will be located in Firewheel Town Center! (The motion carried:  7 Ayes, 0 Nays. H/T SK)

The report says:

Consideration of the application of GR LRE LLC, requesting approval of 1) an amendment of the Concept Plan for a Restaurant with Drive Through and Retail/Personal Service Uses on property zoned Planned Development (PD) District 02-25 for Freeway Uses, and 2) a Detail Plan for a Restaurant with Drive Through. The property is located east of Lavon Drive, south of Town Center Boulevard.  (File 10-06)

The first speaker representing the applicant was Jim Powell, Project Architect, 14110 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, 76248.
Jump for joy and the details!
He went over the Concept Plan showing both the old plan and the proposed Concept Plan.  The previously undisclosed restaurant is for an In-N-Out Burger.  This will be their first location in Texas.  Current locations are in California, Arizona and Nevada.  The Detail Plan for the Restaurant with Drive Through was presented outlining the site, landscape and exterior elevation plans.  The plans include excess parking and landscaping to accommodate the proposed site plan and their previous experience at their other restaurants.

Staff recommends a redesign of the patio area to provide more distance from the drive through.  They have added a large amount of landscaping between the patio and the drive through and feel that will minimize the need to move the patio.  To accommodate the necessary parking and length of the required stacking for one of their restaurants, the patio works best where it is.

Mark Jon Noack, Project Manager for In-N-Out Burger, 13502 Hamburger Lane, Baldwin Park, Ca. was also available for questions and to address some of the concerns regarding the patio.

Linda Giddens, representing Horton Assets, 7612 Applecross Lane, Richardson, Tx. had several questions.  Horton Assets owns property across from the proposed site.  She asked about the berm along Lavon and whether it would remain.  She also asked how this development would affect the sight line to Pei Wei, Dillards, etc. Would the other building shown in the Concept Plan be built now or will they come back with an additional Detail Plan for that part of the site?  Is the entrance across from Horton Way and if so how will the run off affect the property to the North?  She also inquired about proposed building height and materials, and installation of parking.

Jim Powell came back up to address Ms. Giddens questions.

Motion was made by Commissioner Luckie, seconded by Commissioner Moore to approve the request for an amended Concept Plan for a Restaurant with Drive Through and Retail/Personal Service Uses and a Detail Plan for a Restaurant with Drive Through as recommended by staff with the exception that the patio be allowed as presented by the applicant.  Motion carried:  7 Ayes, 0 Nays.

Consideration of the application of Raul Licea, requesting approval of a Specific Use Permit for Contractor Equipment and Storage on property zoned Commercial-2 (C-2) District. The property is located at 110 Second Street.  (File 10-10)

  • Jerry

    As a Texan living in Tucson, I say you are in for a treat. We just got our third In n’ Out here in Tucson and it is wonderful. You can’t find better fast food anywhere.

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  • Keith

    I used to live in CA up until 3 years ago and now in DFW area, great to welcome them here. Maybe other CA only restaurants will follow. I don’t think they’re the best, I personally like Mooyah here better, BUT In-N-Out is way cheaper (I remember trying Mooyah when I first got here and they have jacked up their prices so much in the last couple years, it’s not worth $5.00 now), so they will kick Mooyah’s a**. And Twisted Root is good but not the best. Whataburger doesn’t compare, Carl’s Jr. is better than them.

    Also, I knew some people who worked for In-N-Out, when I heard they were coming to DFW I knew they had to build a distribution center to do it, so they aren’t just doing 1 location. I heard they are doing about 18 locations in the DFW area. Also, I know for a fact there’s also one going in at Allen/Fairview area by the new shopping center there, they’re probably targeting all the major areas, so I figure there will be one around Northpark, Stonebrair, Southlake, maybe Grapevine, Arlington, probably some near Ft. Worth too. So in 2 years no one will have to drive that far. Don’t be surprised once they move in, they will expand to local states too like they did from CA, I believe it was a 500 mile radius from their distribution was their max store distance, so it should be the same in Texas depending on where they put the distribution center. So probably Houston, Austin, San Antonio will be included later.

    And they already have Sonic’s in CA (there’s one in Fullerton/OC). Agreed with some of the other postings, they need these in TX:
    Trader Joe’s
    Rubio’s Baja Grill
    Tommy’s (gotta love the chili late at night)
    White Castle
    Claim Jumper
    Boba Loca (how many of you know what boba is?)
    Del Taco (always up for a burrito w/ fries, better than Taco Bueno)

    They need to bring some real Mexican food to TX too, not this TexMex crap.

  • debi

    OMG!!!! When…when…when?????
    Will be in line when they open. I used to live in LA and eat there everytime I go back.
    Thank you In-n-Out!!!!!

  • Dawny

    I just moved to Dallas about a month ago from Los Angeles and while I was excited to hear it was coming (two things I said I’d miss from LA were the weather and yes “In and Out” burger – in fact, driving out of LA en route to Texas we stopped at the last In and Out…sniffles. We live in the Plano/Frisco area. My husband and I were saying MOST LA transplants will NOT be living in Garland, Texas. C’mon, put them in communities the LA peeps are moving too i.e. Turtle Creek/Plano/Frisco – HELLO? They won’t appreciate it. I hear they are opening multiple locations, let’s open and In and Out in an AREA of LA transplants….heck, celeb’s in LA are huge In and Out fans…c’mon….

  • Antonio Uzeta

    I have email you guys on numerous occasions, I have been living in San Antonio Tx. for four years now…and I miss In-n- Out like you have no idea bring one to San Antonio Tx. right by Sea World…. this city is full Californians and besides Whataburger sucks…. think of San Antonio as your next destination because I craving a Double Double….Please I will work for free there if you build one…..Lol


    the best news I’ve heard since i moved here in January!!! DOUBLE-DOUBLE ANIMALSTYLE AND ANIMAL-STYLE THOSE FRIES WHILE YOU AT IT! but the qustion is…WHEN! when WHEN!!!!!!

  • Anthony

    We already had Checkers here for a couple years in the early to mid 90s.

  • From So Cal

    I can’t beleive it. I moved to Houston in 1993. The closest thing to In-N-Out here is Johnny Rocket’s. I will be traveling to Dallas often to get the Best Burger in the World. Double-Double with everything on it. It’s only 3 and a 1/2 hours there and 3 and a 1/2 hours back.

  • Big Daddy

    As a CA transplant (btw-so what) INO is always on my mind, nothing compares-nothing. I have not bothered trying other burger places as there is only one that matters. When you try INO for the first time will you never go back to Whataburger, etc. Please make Houston next!!

  • george

    Keith :there already was a checkers in Mesquite , went out of business.

    The Grovite’s in Garland will tear this place up.

  • Rome

    Yeah…Plano/Frisco area should have In N Out…btw Whataburger sucks!! GO LAKERS!

  • Chicken Hammer

    Growing up in Cali and then living in Arizona for the past twenty years I’ve eaten at In-n-Out and at Whataburger. Despite being so much better than all the rest of the fast food burgers Whataburger is still a distant second to In-n-Out!

  • CA Transplant

    The In-n-Outs in CA are much better than Vegas, so I question if they will be any better out here. Still, the people who think Whataburger is great food need to have their heads examined. I’ve tried eating there several times and it makes me gag. As for the comments about Red Robin, I’ll take their burgers over Whataburger any day of the week.

  • Scott

    I HAVE WAITED YEARS! nuff said…except build one in arlington!

  • Alisa

    This is great news for Texas! In-N-Out is the best fast food burger joint ever to exist. I am hoping this means that maybe they will bring In-N-Out to Florida one day so this California transplant can get her fix!

  • linsocaltransplant

    YES! finally In and Out! Whataburger is ok, but in and out is definately KING! And Dawn I think every transplant from So Cal had that last bit of heaven on their way out! How can you not??? LOL

  • linsocaltransplant

    oh be still my beating heart we are getting a Del Taco too! I’m gonna pass out!

  • Stevenexcali

    OMG!! I used to live in Cali and let me tell you IN N OUT IS MUCH > than whatacrap!! They should be shaking in their boots!! love it!!!

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  • Kristy Y

    In and Out Vegas is no where near as good as the ones in L.A. While I guess it’s pretty cool there will now be one in DFW, I feel like some of the allure will be gone…I just see it as special bc it is a west coast thing. It’s like when Krispy Kreme opened here. Craziness. Now, if White Castle opens here, that would be bananas.

  • Taylor

    I live about 15 minutes from Garland, and a year ago i was in california so i tried this “amazing burger” it tasted like ****. Seriously people that like them either 1. have never had any other burger. 2. like greasy food. 3. Just like it because it makes them feel like they are from california or that they are in california again.

    Just my opinion.

  • baumbers

    Personally I think Griffs is the best fast food burger but I can’t wait to see what the fuss is about with this place.Garland is a great city so the people bashing Garland are complaining because they do not live close and are thinking of themselves.I am sure once they get 1 open they will get more around the metromess.It only makes sense.I would like to know when its supposed to open.

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  • James T. Savidge

    Back in 2000, my company was sending me to visit our clients in California. I saw many of the In-N-Outs whenever I visited, but was wary of eating there because of an allergy to soy.

    I sent an email to the company asking for information about allergens in their menu items, and a woman by the name of Debbie VanDerWaag at their corporate office called me long-distance to give me the initial information over the phone!

    She told me that the meat has no soy in it, (unlike McDonalds) and while their hamburger buns are soy free, the pans they rise in are sprayed with something that dose have some soy in it. She then preceded to tell me about how ordering a burger “protein style“ would allow me to get a safe burger without a bun.

    She also told me to avoid their milk shakes because they do contain a soy based ingredient somewhere in the mix.

    She later emailed me to tell me that they cook their fries in 100% Cottonseed oil, and since they cut the fries there in the Restaurant, (you can see them doing it,) it was also safe for me to have French Fries again! :-)

    Since I developed my allergy, it had been years since I had been able to have a burger and fries that I didn’t have to cook myself. I may have had to go to California to get them, but by that point my Company was sending me out there once every month or two. I don’t work for that company any more, so my opportunities to have In-N-Out since then have been few and far between.

    Luckily for me, over the past few years I have managed to find two other places here in Dallas where I can have a burger and fries. HEB Central Market and at Goff‘s if I order their “Diet Special” which comes without a bun.

    My experience with my allergy inquiry is just one of many examples of the type of customer service that inspired almost rabid loyalty to In-N-Out by me and the other people that are jumping for joy at the news that we will be getting one or more of their restaurants here in the DFW area. :-)

  • James T. Savidge

    Oh, I forgot to mention that the “spread” In-N-Out puts on the burgers has soy in it, so I have to order mine without it.

  • backlink anchor text

    Funny, I was thinking along the same lines. Adam

  • http://unknown Summer

    I really can’t wait. I hope that it makes it out here! SOON> Been too long without it! FOR SURE 100% better than Krystal’s, whataburger or any other joint!

  • Sharon

    lived to LA area for 38 yrs can’t wait live in houston now and I will be driving to Dallas or wherever to have an IN n OUT burger

  • vince a elizondo

    WOW!!! Beautiful to see another part of Cali Coming to TX. First and foremost In N Out deserves the respect to be spelled out. Not abbreviated… I moved out here 5 years ago and was told WHAT”EVER”BURGER was the burger joint better than In N Out… of course I had to try it, again 5 years ago. Have not eaten there since.

    There are Sonic’s back home and are just as horrible here.

    You have the double doubles, the 4×4’s, the animal style’s. The fries animal style, Shakes, the lemonade, and soft drinks… if you want a burger this is the place to be.

    My only concern as everyone else is saying, why garland? This is on the outskirts of Dallas…12 miles NE… Not even FT Worth… this should be brought out to the heart of the DFW Metroplex, ARLINGTON, TX!!!! I mean, you have the Cowboys, the Rangers, Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor. Everything is out here. It is smack dab in the middle of the DFW Metroplex.

    For those of you from California, there is a Carl’s Jr off of 20 and S.Polk or in Anna TX…another Cali Burger joint if you want that Char broiled burger…El Pollo Loco, they are only in San Antonio, so we just need to bring Del Taco, Fat Burger, Tommie’s out here now.

    Don’t want to talk too much smack, you all are doing a fine job. But this TEXMex crap has got to go… Pepper and Salt is what you call seasoning..horrible…. Michoacanna off of 360 and park row in Arlington TX, the best carne asada you will find out here.

    Bottom line Texans, In N Out is out here now… deal with it.. if you don’t like it, then leave our food alone. Like plenty of other’s have said, lines will be smaller… i will be in Garland the day of opening enjoying a nice 4×4 animal style, a nice cold lemonade, and fresh cut fries.


  • Bill

    Born in Texas but lived in CA for 20+ years. I actually think Whataburger is better but you can get creative and order off of their secret menu ( for those that do not know. I usually get animal style and fries well done. Otherwise the fries are uncooked IMHO. The burgers are smaller, about the size of a whataburger Jr.

    I wouldn’t worry about the first one being in Garland. They can throw these up fast. I lived in Northern California and they popped up all over in a matter of months. If they are going to invest in a new plant it would only make sense that they maximize it’s production as soon as possible. My guess is that the production plant may be in or near Garland. Somewhere off of I-30 would give them distribution into Oklahoma and beyond. I just realized I have a Sonic on every major road around me. (Some have two.) I have to drive 15 min to the nearest Whataburger.

    I use to work across the street from one and I was always amazed how the line of cars wrapped around the parking lot everyday. They are better than the national chains and they are cheap as well. (maybe that is the key) I just don’t know that I could eat them every day. (Some people do!!!)

    In-N-Out will do well here. They have a cult following similar to White Castle. We are also in the Bible belt and there are tiny Biblical notations placed in out-of-the-way spots on the wrappers and cups.

    (Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are the same company. Krystal’s made me sick the first and only time I had it. I do miss Del Taco though. I never had Tommie’s and Fat Burger is just OK IMHO.)

  • Miguel

    Can you guys believe I lived in Cali most my life and never went to INO? Ahah I moved to Dallas now so when I go to this one for the first time shits gonna be weird…

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  • Eddie

    Keep your In-N-Out, bring us a Tommys!! The only ‘N’ thing I’d like to see here in Texas is a Pup-N-Taco…but sadly they are gone… :-(

  • CraigTX

    I’ve been eating at In-n-Out since 1957 … Craig Avenue at Walnut in Pasadena, CA … probably the tiniest InO left standing today.

    I’ve been living in Texas since 1993 and figured out how to take a foil-wrapped INO burger from CA to TX still warm-enough-to-eat many years ago.

    The burgers are exceptional … especially if you know the ‘secret menu’ … 3×3, 4×4. protien platter, animal’ … etc.

    The fries are a different matter … most stores do not know how to make them perfect … order them ‘well done’ and the problem is solved since they will fry them twice. That being said, some stores have figured out how to get it right. The first time.


  • Ashley S.

    All of you that are bad mouthing In & Out are just sad haters. You don’t even know what your missing. I have been eating those burgers for so long. It has been a long time coming that they have an In & Out in Texas. Now all we need is a Wahoo’s in Dallas. California has it all and I am from Texas.

  • TomB

    I’m looking forward to In & Out in Texas.

    There are 2 other chains active in Southern California that would have good opportunities here:

    Big Boy (the same one that was here in the 1960’s and 1970’s) has the same kind of menu we knew here – in Southern California, Ohio and Michigan.

    The Hat – Has amazing hot pastrami sandwiches. It’s in suburban LA, in locations like Pasadena.

  • Family Force 5

    Hey I would like a double double cheese burger with catchup and lattes! Okay so first of all I don’t care of you guys think of IN and Out because some of you guys say… well so and so missed wataburger when they moved to Cali. Well that’s boo hoo! Wataburger is nothing compared to IN and OUT!!! We used to live a half hour from the state capital in California. And didn’t think IN & OUT was that special tell we moved to Keller, Texas! Things changed a lot. I was trying to get my friend to send a box of 5 IN & OUT burgers down to Texas! I miss In & OUT so bad some of you probably are drooling like I am for one! So I don’t care if you think Wataburger is better cause I know the real truth!

  • CraigTX

    The word is that Arlington is going to get an INO as well … somewhere near the new Cowboy’s stadium. My guess is at the corner of Collins and I30 with a big sign … that fits their model of freeway visibility and access.

    I’ve been eating INO since 1957 (4 years old) and moved to TX in 1993, but usually get to have at least 4 Double-Doubles or 3×3’s a year.

    BTW: Order your fries well done … fried twice and not soggy.

  • CraigTX

    There are some rumors floating around about Trader Joe’s noting that they have many stores in the midwest and the east coast … I’ve shopped at several.

    I think there is some credibility to this in that we now have Aldi stores in North Texas and the parent company of Aldi owns TJ’s as well.

    Some say that once you get Aldi, Trader Joe’s is not far behind.

    I will say that the Texas economy should look attractive to retailers like INO and TJ’s since Cali’s is in the tank.

  • Jeff

    I spoke with the person at the city of Garland who signs all of the building permits. It has not been finalized but the sight will be in an out parcel at the mall across from Pei Wei and Christina’s. It has been speculated that several In N Out locations will eventually be built throughout the metroplex…

  • checman

    In and Out toasts their buns and have thick slices of cheese- yum. Their fries are cut fresh daily too. It’s kind of a phenom in Cali and I imagine in north TX will be the same. Plus their stores are squeaky clean. I may not make it down to Garland on opening day but can’t wait till it comes.

  • jess

    in N out … it ain’t all that, there was too much hype for some burgers that taste like whataburger, and a sauce that straight up screams mc donalds, but I’m glad to know they’ll be one close. My bf loves it! All we need now is a King Taco!

  • Marcus

    I now work for a popular burger chain and when I Lived in Reno for awhile it was and is still one of my favorite places to eat. In n out burger is amazing all the way around… great burger of course, service, environment, and price! Can’t wait will definitely be there the first day it opens!

  • I’nO_SOS

    @ jess… ur tastebuds are most likely dead, if you though InO tastes like whataburger! which is good… ’cause there will be less people in the queue in front of us, when they open.

  • Titans234

    IN n Out has amazing burgers, their fries on the other hand are “throw aways” .

    For the price they are better tasting then, MC Donalds, BK, WB, sonic, and everyone else.

    Can’t wait!!

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