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Restaurant Critic Mark Stuertz Has a Cooking Show (Sorta)

Holy cow, former Dallas Observer and sometimes Ft. Worth Star-Telegram restaurant reviewer has lost his mind. He just sent me a link to his new cooking video. I have no words. Put on your earplugs and eye shades. You know where to put the cork.

11 comments on “Restaurant Critic Mark Stuertz Has a Cooking Show (Sorta)

  1. Oh god, that was bad. A total waste of time. DGirl hit it right. You keep thinking, somehow, this has to get better. But it doesn’t. It drones on and on. Horrible.

  2. Can’t for the life of me imagine why they fired his ass (unless maybe it’s the painfully unwitty solipsism).

  3. Finally, an honest display of the true journalistic greatness that made his column so respected. Oh, wait…

  4. ok so I’m writing this BEFORE i watch the video. I miss his writing. He was mean that’s for sure, but over all I typically agreed with most of his reviews…?!?*ducking for cover*

  5. Love the Beefheart. Mr Zoot Horn Rollo play that long lunar note….