Off Topic Rant: The Blind Side vs Julia Child

Julie Powell in Dallas. July 2009.

Last July, thanks to the nice folks at Arts & Letters Live, several loyal SideDish readers were invited to a private screening of the movie Julie& Julia. I wrote a review of the movie.

The following night I attended the Arts & Letters Live program that featured the Julie Powell, the Julie who wrote the blog that the movie was based on. After the program, Julie and I had a chat. I told her I didn’t like her.

I wish I could chat with Julie today. Actually, I wish I could pick up the phone and call Meryl Streep  because she got screwed at the Academy Awards. Julie & Julia was not the greatest movie ever made, but Streep pulled off the bigger-than-life character of Julia Child. She took acting to another level.

Which brings me to last night. Over a plate of King Ranch casserole I watched The Blind Side. Other than Waiting to Exhale, The Blind Side is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  I have nothing against Sandra Bullock—even her cute little body can’t pull off tight white pants. But she was not “Best Actress” material by any stretch of the imagination.

10 comments on “Off Topic Rant: The Blind Side vs Julia Child

  1. The Blind Side was great … as a book. The movie was silly in comparison and probably standing alone as well. People still make King Ranch casserole?

  2. Julie, the subject of Julia and Julie- lost me as a fan when I found out that she cheated on her husband, somthing that was swept under the run while her movie was being promoted.

    The Blind Side was ridiculous and silly. I love Sandra Bullock but I cannot believe that she won an award for acting like every Highland Park mommy I know. Ahem, MP.

  3. I completely agree. The Julie character (at least ad played by Amy adams) was loathesome. I couldn’t stand her and was utterly disappointed by the movie. I loved Sandy’s character in the Blind Side but I don’t think it was a super huge stretch for her. Meryl nailed it. And got robbed.

  4. No doubt Julia was the better movie and Streep the better actor. But, BS did prompt us to buy our kid Ferdinand and that book has put him to sleep many nights – advantage bullock!

  5. Couldn’t finish the book, Julia and Julie…couldn’t STAND the main character (i.e. the author….she came across as coarse and extremely self-centered). Movie was much better in my opinion (although, for those who never read the book and only saw the movie, I’m sure they were perplexed as to why Julia declined to meet Julie…). Did love Julia’s ‘sister’ in the movie…she gave a great performance!