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GO TEXAN: It’s Time to Tour the Wine Trails of Texas

Ever just want to rent an Airstream and cruise around Texas drinking wine? It sounds like the perfect job for Andrew Chalk, but he already has a job.
Anywhoo, if you don’t have a job or just have a lot of money and an Airstream (Hi, RP!), then you might want to check out the GO TEXAN WineCasts, a new series of web videos produced by the Texas Department of Agriculture about Texas Wine Trails. You can check out all of the wine trails here and apply for your passport here.

5 comments on “GO TEXAN: It’s Time to Tour the Wine Trails of Texas

  1. Forget the airplane, my culinary fantasy tour involves a luxury bus that takes an agriliciously adventurous group down Highway 281, concluding in San Antonio. Stopping at wineries, olive farms, vodka distilleries, peach farms, yum. We could even go by those nesting bald eagles down by Lladro, IJS.

    A night or two of Texas-Latino style, eating our way through the riverwalk, touring the new Culinary Institute of America facilities at the old Pearl Brewery.

    Then you stop again all the way north back to Dallas.

    Anyone else in?

  2. What do some chef wives do when their husbands are busy working on Friday nights? They imagine trips, agrilicious trips with fun other people. And then they write about it on their blog.

    Only a prototype, beer and cheese are great additions.