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The Oil Spill and Shrimp From the Gulf Coast: WTF?


Thank you Leslie Brenner at Eatsblog for doing all of the reporting. She does a nice job of getting us up to date on the state of shrimp in the Gulf Coast. It’s here and it’s not pretty. Anybody seen any changes on area menus? I think we can kiss cheap oysters goodbye.

UPDATE: And CNN. And from Jon at TJ’s Seafood: “Live Gulf Oysters:
This is the species most susceptible to contamination. Right now 6 of the 32 oyster beds in Louisiana are shut down. However, the season for live gulf oysters is coming to a close.  The pre-shucked oysters we have for cooking in our freezer were harvested before the spill and are not affected.”

5 comments on “The Oil Spill and Shrimp From the Gulf Coast: WTF?

  1. to be clear, the entire gulf is not (yet) affected. the shrimp we get at TJ’s (#1 Mexican Brown) is being harvested 500-1000 miles away from the affected region.

    i just left new orleans last week. they are going to be more affected than dallas as they rely much more on local new orleans catch. the texas coast as of right now, luckily, isn’t significantly affected

    the long term effects could be horrific, but right now dallas isn’t feeling a ton of short term effects. reduced supply could make prices shoot up, but hasn’t happened yet.

  2. Let me get this straight…if they were harvested and frozen before the spill they aren’t affected? Thanks for that info.

  3. Well, I guess that’s going to spell the end of those terrific $4.95 a dozen oysters at Pappadeaux.